Monday, June 03, 2013

Yoga Time and Charity Compromise

I broke my toe in a weird place. Which is actually beneficial. I broke the bone on the inside part of my right little toe. So as long as the toe isn't being pressed inward, there's not a ton of pain. Still some swelling, still some tenderness when I walk, but the pain is minimal.

The most annoying part is I have to be very careful about sitting cross-legged. I love to sit this way -- in fact, one of the most important aspects of a good office chair to me is the ability to sit cross-legged while I work. But now I have to make sure my broken toe is off of the edge of the chair so there's no pressure on it. Which also means I can't shift positions very much. Which means I get stiff sitting in this chair all day.

So I'm going to yoga today. And no, I don't want to hear any hoopla about it. I know my limits and I'll take it easy. But my body cannot go on without yoga. I'm missing out on long walks in the spring weather, so darn it, I'm going to yoga! (As my podiatrist told me when I broke the top of my foot a few years back, "Just don't jump around on it." There is not much jumping in yoga.)

On another note...

Jeremy and I have always had a hard time agreeing about charities. I'm generally pretty trusting, though I do my research before giving anyone money or time. Jeremy, on the other hand, thinks all charities are schemes out to rip you off. So he refuses to give and I refuse to not give, and we get in a pickle.

This weekend we finally found a good compromise.

We both stay up to speed on the art and publishing industries, so between the two of us we are always aware of lots of opportunities to help creatives. Whether it's a local artist creating a children's art program, a favorite illustrator who is self-publishing a gratitude journal, or a comic creator looking for help to get a new series off the ground, we are face-to-face with lots of opportunities to give to people who are doing things that touch our hearts.

I think sometimes people forget how much creativity means to the world. Our ability to express ourselves through art is one of the most unique attributes of being human. No matter where you live in the world, no matter if you're a man or woman, no matter what ethnicity you are or your lifestyle orientation, art affects our lives. It gives people an outlet, and it brings beauty into a sometimes ugly world.

So we tweaked our finances to set aside a small fund each month to donate to artistic projects/events. We're taking turns choosing the projects we donate to. Some projects may require we save up for a few months before giving, but others we can just give our small monthly amount. We can't give much right now, but we can give something.

It's not like we're providing clean water to orphans in Africa. But we're doing something that we think matters. And we're not fighting about it. So win-win.

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