Friday, June 14, 2013

Alexandra Franzen Just Made Me Famous

There's nothing quite like waking up and seeing that someone wrote about you online. You read the post with shaky hands, hoping that it's all nice words.

Ironically, the article that was written about me was about nice words.

I adore what Alexandra Franzen does. I love her writing, I love her energy, and I love the direction she's taken her business. She's an absolute inspiration to me.

So when I signed up for her newsletter and received a different downloadable PDF than the one that was mentioned on her website, I hesitated. Part of me didn't want to bother her. But the other part of me loves her writing SO much, I felt like I was really missing out on something if I didn't get the PDF that she promised to send her subscribers.

The part of me that wanted to read her stuff won out.

So I wrote her a very nice, very upbeat email asking if by any chance she could send me the PDF that was mentioned on her website. I started it out by telling her how much I adore her and her work, I went on to ask very politely about the PDF I thought I was supposed to receive, and I wrapped it up with a big, fat THANK YOU.

Apparently the art of please and thank you has not lost its effect in this gimme-now culture. It affected Alexandra enough that she wrote about it for MindBodyGreen. Check it out!

Yeah, I'm the "first woman."

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