Friday, June 21, 2013

5th Wedding Anniversary

I wonder sometimes if big companies realize how detrimental their customer service is to their business. As in, if you have bad customer service, you will lose business. Can you tell I was on the phone with Comcast all morning? UGH. Time wasters.

But the day got better. Because it's our fifth wedding anniversary. A day that reminds Jeremy and I of all we've been through together, all we've overcome, and the absolute delight of having a true partner.

My office smells divine right now. Jeremy bought me these giant lilies that are emitting a heady scent -- almost like jasmine.

We had reservations at the restaurant at Boulder's St. Julien hotel tonight. They have live music and outdoor seating, so it would have been a real "date." But we canceled the reservations and we're rescheduling for next week. Jeremy is in training for his new job, and it doesn't look like he'll be getting home in time to make it to Boulder for dinner. But no big deal. I've never been a stickler for celebrating on the exact day.

For one of his anniversary gifts, I gave Jeremy a photo collage printed on canvas. He's been wanting to create a collage from his underwater photos forever, but it's expensive to do it well. I got a really good deal on a 16x20 canvas with shipping, so I knew it would be the perfect gift. He spent some time yesterday picking photos, then the company will be printing his canvas and Jeremy be getting his new wall art in about two weeks. You should see how excited he is. :)

One of the gifts he gave me was this Four Pillars statuette. I can't do it justice with a photo. It's made of four pillars -- one tall, two medium and one short -- that fit together. Each pillar has a sculpture on top relating to marriage, and then when you pull the pillar out, there is engraving on the inward-facing side that has beautifully-scripted text talking about spiritual strengths like love, gratitude and honesty. It's stunning.

It would have been nice to go out to dinner tonight. But you know what? I don't need that. I'm happy just to be married to Jeremy.


Friends on Facebook were insisting I post photos of the Four Pillars statuette. So here goes. Like I said, photos don't do it justice. And actually, to correct what I wrote before, it's more accurate to say the writing on the back is about love/marriage/partnership strengths rather than spiritual strengths.

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