Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Fight and Art Journaling

Aaahhh. A rainy day. Such a treat in Colorado! I know, my Seattle readers are telling me to shut up right now.

I was a busy bee Monday night and all of yesterday. Jeremy stayed down in the Springs Monday night -- we needed some space after a really stupid argument. Yes, people, we argue. And we need space sometimes. And we can both be really stupid and prideful and let all our "loving rules of engagement" go out the window. I'm happy to say that doesn't happen often. But it happens. Jeremy said when he came home last night, "Well, we haven't had an argument in a while. I guess we were due." All is well, now. Love-filled communication fixes everything.

Anyway, I think it all boiled down to us needing some space from each other. We are home together all day, every day, and while we both love that, it has its challenges. I got SO much done when he was gone. And the TV wasn't on for more than 45 minutes (whereas Jeremy usually has it on around the clock -- just for noise, if anything), so the silence was just delicious. I worked my day job, got started on a GW project, did a ton of house and yard work, ran some errands, and read a lot. Sure, it sucked to be in the middle of a fight with Jeremy -- but I took advantage of the quiet time, because I knew we would be okay.

That's a big benefit of really working on your marriage and making it a priority. No matter how bad your fight is, you know everything will be okay in the end. That helps you get through even the toughest times.

I remember what it was like when I was single and dating, and even the first year of my marriage with Jeremy. Every fight was a reason to split. Ugh -- I never want to live like that again. Now, every fight is a reason to communicate and forgive. Very, very powerful difference.

Shifting gears, now...

I've started a new routine in the mornings. All last year, I would watch sermons online before work -- but this year that has not been motivating me in the mornings. I find myself getting distracted, and checking Facebook while I'm listening. So I knew I needed a change in routine.

I looooove artist Molly Hahn of Buddha Doodles. I follow her on Facebook and YouTube, and I subscribe to her email newsletter. In one of her videos, she talked about how Buddha Doodles started. She was recovering from PTSD, and she started the practice of doodling every morning upon waking. Over time, this became a big part of her healing process -- and it also helped her create her famous little Buddha character.

So after watching that, I thought, ART JOURNALING! I could start a new art journal, and do that each morning before work. So I went and got a few new stamps and a new mixed-media journal from Michael's, and put all my art journaling supplies in my Thirty-One Keep-It Caddy. I filled it with pens, colored pencils, markers, stamps, stamp pads, an art journal, a regular journal and the devotional I'm reading. Molly Hahn reads inspirational quotes every morning to inspire her art -- I'm using my devotional.

I've art-journaled two mornings in a row, now, and I LOVE this new practice. Here are my pages from the last two mornings (don't judge!):

And yes, the rose is a stamp. Sure, I could probably draw that -- if I had all day. I only have an hour in the morning before work, and part of that time is taken up by taking care of the pets and pouring myself a BIG mug of coffee.

I absolutely thrive on routine -- but sometimes I just need to change my routine to keep my motivation high. I felt a little guilty not watching sermons anymore, like God would get mad that I wasn't spending as much time with him. But when I started art journaling, the Holy Spirit reassured me that creating art was as much a spiritual practice as watching a sermon. In fact, creating art gives me the space to really listen for God.

And because I just got done watching SARK's new video series, I couldn't help myself. When I was at Barnes and Noble last night, I saw this book and bought it:

More inspiration!!! My husband is home, my art and writing are flowing, and my heart is full.

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