Monday, April 22, 2013

TV and My Paycheck Symphony

Netflix just launched their first ever TV series, called Hemlock Grove. Jeremy and I watched all 13 episodes. Not because it was good, but because we had this ridiculous hope that they would start answering some of the questions they raised, removing some of the obstacles they placed around the characters, or resolving SOMEthing. And every episode left us disappointed. Every episode just raised more questions. About 50% of it got resolved in the last episode, but that wasn't enough to satisfy us. I hope Netflix does better next time around, because I think the idea of presenting an entire series at once (versus one episode per week, like on regular TV) is novel, and if it's done right it can become the next big thing in entertainment.

So now we're clearing our palates with Doctor Who. We are still getting used to Matt Smith as The Doctor -- he hasn't grown on us yet.

I'm rethinking some things with Horizon Peak. I'm not sure I'm offering the right service packages. Plus I really want to create a business I'm going to be able to stay passionate about -- so some reswizzling might need to happen. That's the great thing about starting a business when you've already got a steady income, though. You can be experimental with it, and take your time growing it into something really great.

Only once in my life have I ever done the "leap of faith" when it came to a job change. And it was in rather desperate circumstances. Every other time, I have spent time transitioning from one role to another, or one job to another. I am more comfortable having one foot on solid ground. So this method of business fits me well -- working other jobs to pay the bills while growing into something new. Though now all of my jobs fit so neatly together, it feels more like an orchestra learning to play the same song than a true "transition." Each job, each role, is a part of my paycheck symphony.

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