Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This and That

Night number 4 out of 5 with no sleep. Holy cow I'm getting delirious.

Jeremy has severe sleep apnea and sleeps with a CPAP machine to stop his insane snoring. He forgot the CPAP when we went to Kansas City -- so he snored like a sonofagun and I didn't get any sleep while we were there. I'm not joking, I had earplugs in and wore sleep headphones with white noise playing OVER the earplugs, and I could still hear him snoring.

You know my story from Monday night. But last night, I awoke with a full-blown migraine at 3am. Now, when I get a migraine, I can't take any medicine that actually works because all that stuff is dangerous while you're trying to get pregnant. So the only thing that makes a dent in the pain is coffee and food. Caffeine helps with the pain, and food helps my body process the caffeine. But at 3am, making a pot of coffee wasn't an option. So it was a night full of tossing and turning, trying to get my head and neck into positions that alleviated the throbbing behind my right eye.


Enough whining.

In happier news, I got pulled into a project at my day job to help create a library of support videos. I'm over the moon about it. I've also been tasked to produce a monthly newsletter talking about what our company is doing to improve our working environment. With the way our economy and culture have gone in the last ten years, it's nice to be part of something positive like that.

I've got a lunch meeting with a former client tomorrow to talk about editing some of his small company's web copy, and I'm excited about that too. I love working with these really small businesses and taking them from amateur to pro with a few taps on a keyboard. Watching a website transform with good copy is just exhilarating. And yes I realize that's a nerdy thing to say. But I'm a nerd, so there you go.

Enough work stuff.

Jeremy attempted to make fried stuffed peppers last night. They ended up tasting really good, but boy does our house smell like the inside of a fryer right now. I'm heading out to a yoga class at lunch today, and I wonder if the stench coming off my clothes will distract my classmates. LOL

We had a Comcast technician come out to our house to look at our home security system twice in the last two days. We've had constant problems with it. This is the fourth tech they've sent, and they sent a guy who is fresh out of school. He was here for over four hours yesterday, and most of that time he was on the phone on hold with his support team. Really, Comcast? We've had issues with your hardware AND your service from day one, and you send us a trainee? I felt bad because the guy was really nice, and he was trying really hard -- but he had no business being sent here. They should have sent a supervisor.

I posted on Comcast Xfinity's Facebook wall yesterday about our problems, and they did respond. They talked to Jeremy today about all the issues we've been having. And from what Jeremy just told me that call went like all of our service calls have gone -- nowhere. The guy he talked to was not understanding the problems we've been having, and did not understand why we were unhappy that they sent a trainee to fix our system. This isn't rocket science. I'm sure we'll be switching home security companies soon at this point.

And yes, even with all the problems we've had -- the bad service, the false alarms -- I do find value in a security system. It eases my anxiety when we travel.

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