Thursday, April 04, 2013

Service Launch and Ruth

It's liiiiiive!

I launched the Horizon Peak services page last night. I bundled my small-business digital strategy services and my copywriting services into unique single-price packages. It's an experiment, of sorts. After seeing some other companies doing this, and knowing my own frustration with hourly-rate projects, I decided to move forward with packaged solutions.

I ended up hand-coding much more of the website than I originally planned. Which took extra time, of course, but also made it so everything was looking and functioning exactly as I wanted it to. So, it balanced out.

Before the launch last night, I got a pedicure and went to my Brewed Bible study group. I haven't had a pedicure in ages, and it was such a nice treat for my tootsies. Then meeting with some of my favorite ladies for a Bible study focusing on the Book of Ruth (one of my faves), made my night that much better.

Re-reading the Book of Ruth for this study, and taking the reading much slower than my initial reading, the story is opening up in new ways. I loved the book the first time through, but I appreciate it on a whole new level now. Naomi losing her husband and both her children, Orpah leaving Naomi to return home after her loss, and Ruth sticking with her mother-in-law and returning to Israel with her (leaving her own family and religion) -- these are not foreign or dated stories. These are things that happen to women every day right here in our own world, our own countries. I feel for Naomi in her desperation to return home from foreign Moab after her husband and children died. I feel for Orpah wanting to go back to her own family after her husband's death. I feel for Ruth as she remains loyal to a shaken and grieving mother-in-law.

And then there is the romance of the book. Oh, such a wonderful romance! We haven't gotten to that point in the story, but I remember the story of Ruth and Boaz from my first read-through and I'm anxious to read it again.

Reading a good story the first time through is such an exhilarating experience, isn't it? Oh, but reading a good story again later, there is something so sweet and uplifting about that too. The anticipation of the parts of the story you love best... remembering the way you felt when you first read it... witnessing new reactions in yourself... lovely. Just lovely.

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