Tuesday, April 30, 2013

No More Dog Poop

I have thankfully been able to maintain the peace I received at the retreat this past weekend. Even when things were crazy at my various jobs, even when the coffee pot broke and the mini-blinds fell on my head.

But I had to laugh at the moment Jeremy couldn't keep his peace yesterday.

My husband is very even-keeled. He's alpha, for sure, but he's not aggressive. He's strong, laid back and has an intimidating presence which I have always found safety in. All that said, he's not one to get into confrontations if he can help it. So when someone pushes his buttons enough for him to outwardly react, you start to pray for that person that they won't die of fear.

Let me start the story with this. We have a great house in a great location -- but we have TERRIBLE neighbors. This is our curse as a couple, we always have terrible neighbors, no matter where we live. All of our neighbors, all of them, have barking dogs. All of them have dog doors. And all of them let those dogs roam free while they are away at work during the day. So guess what happens. Yeah, barking ALL DAY LONG. It doesn't stop there, though. They let their dogs bark while they're home, too. And at 3am. And our neighbors to the west let their three big dogs free in their front yard, and those dogs are always pooping on our front lawn.

We've called animal control. We've left notes on doors. We've talked to them face-to-face. We've picked up the dog poop. We've thrown the dog poop into the back of said neighbor's truck (ahem, sorry Jesus). But no change. And the problem isn't just with one or two neighbors -- it's all the houses surrounding us.

We have two big dogs. We don't leave them outside when we're not home. We don't let them bark. We don't let them out front off-leash. We are respectful of our neighbors and we have trained our dogs to be respectful too.

So I guess after almost two years of this, Jeremy was bound to snap eventually.

Jeremy was out front yesterday when our western neighbor opened his garage and let all three of his big, obnoxious dogs loose on the neighborhood. One of those dogs came right over and pooped on our lawn. Jeremy yelled, "Are you kidding me? Hey!" and the dog ran back to his owner. The owner called the dogs inside. Jeremy, for the first time, didn't let it go.

He walked over to the neighbor's house and pounded on the door. When the guy answered, Jeremy said, "Don't let your dogs into our yard anymore. One of them just pooped on our lawn again and I'm sick of picking it up." Now those of you who have met my husband are probably cringing. Because even if he said that in a calm manner, he's a scary dude. But he wasn't calm. He was furious.

The neighbor came right over and picked up the poop. Let's hope that's the end of that problem.

And come on, ladies. Isn't that just the sexiest thing? I do love it when Jeremy "defends" us.

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