Monday, April 01, 2013

Kicking Habits and All-Consuming Work

I made it through Lent with no Starbucks. I didn't cheat once. I have had plenty of opportunities to get some in the last two days, and I haven't even been interested. Hmm. Could I have kicked the habit?

Jeremy is sick of me working. I knew this would happen. Getting Horizon Peak off the ground is a time-consuming endeavor, as it is with any small business. After my day-job ends, I gather my laptop and sit downstairs on the couch with Jeremy -- working on my business and trying to get some time with my husband simultaneously. It's the wrong kind of multitasking, I know. It's not quality time unless it's focused time.

I'm not dumb enough to vow to do better right now. We both knew this was going to take up a lot of my time when we talked about starting it. I just need to get it going as quickly as I can so I can once again focus on my poor, neglected husband. And pray he doesn't get so sick of this before then that he throws my laptop out the window.

Jeremy has been deep-cleaning our house all afternoon. He moved all the furniture out of our sitting room and our living room to clean the carpets, moved all the stuff off of our kitchen counters to detail clean those -- I'm kind of afraid to go downstairs right now. LOL

And just for the record, I fell for a really dumb April Fool's Day prank this morning.

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