Monday, April 29, 2013

Crossroads Women's Ministry Retreat 2013

I went to the Crossroads Church Women's Ministry retreat in Breckenridge this weekend. And what a weekend!

In the last year, I've gotten to know many women in many different ministries, and Crossroads is really unique. They are well-organized, responsive and so freaking full of love and kindness.

We were all assigned roommates in the condos that were rented for the event. I didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the three women I was rooming with were all my age and AWESOME. We became fast friends, and spent both nights there drinking wine and gabbing about life.

The speaker that did the general sessions during the day was Martha Lawley. She taught us some great ways to deal with fear and doubt -- and that fear and doubt were not something to be ashamed of, and did not mean that we don't believe God as long as we hand those fears and doubts over to Him.

She also taught us a great technique for dealing with those fears and doubts -- first stating the problem, then stating "nevertheless," and finally stating a truth about God. So, I'm scared I'll never have children, nevertheless, God knows his plans for me. It's actually a pretty powerful technique.

The food was amazing at the retreat. As a vegetarian, I do worry about those buffet-type situations. There have been many times where there was nothing I could eat. But my plate was full at every meal this weekend.

We broke out into small groups throughout the retreat, to process some of what we were learning. That gave me an opportunity to meet even more amazing women and really dig into the message of the weekend.

The worship team was pretty interesting. They are a married couple that is actually part of the Flatirons Church worship team, and while they are very talented, they were also pretty off-the-cuff, too. The woman/singer is legally blind, and she has a great sense of humor about it.

Though we did have a bit of drama the first night (let's call it a medical emergency with one of the women there), and the first morning we were awakened by a fire alarm at 6am (false alarm, but my roommate Angie and I went outside in our PJs before we were told this), the rest of the weekend was fun and relaxing. Being surrounded by a bunch of Godly women when I'm in such a vulnerable place in my life felt like being wrapped in bubble wrap and placed on a down mattress. Such a lovely experience. I am determined to not only save up to go to the retreat again next year, but to sponsor another woman as well.

The weather couldn't have been nicer this weekend. It was in the 60s both days. Angie and I went out for a walk into town during our break on Saturday, and if I wasn't so exhausted I would have happily walked for hours. But instead I went back and took a nap. I do love naps... :)

It takes the same amount of time to get to Breckenridge as it does to get to Colorado Springs from our house, so the drive home was easy and gave me an opportunity to listen to my favorite new age Pandora station and contemplate everything I'd learned over the weekend. I was so happy to come home to Jeremy. I took a nap, made some dinner, and then we went out for Blizzards at Dairy Queen.

I admit I'm having a hard time getting my brain into work mode today.

Oh, and the puppy has a new obsession since yesterday: the lint balls in the trash in the laundry room. :-| Weirdo.

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