Friday, March 29, 2013

Visit with the Lyons Family

It was a short work day for me. I was able to log off at noon and head to my favorite yoga class.

When I got back home, I banished Jeremy.

After he held down the fort yesterday while I was in bed with a migraine, I told him I'd give him some time to himself. So I kicked him downstairs and took over with the twins. I got them settled in for a nap, did the dishes, worked a little on Horizon Peak stuff, then got the boys up and headed out the door.

We drove over to my friend Jessica's house. She has twin girls the same age as our twin nephews, so we've talked about getting them together for ages. We finally got the opportunity today. The kids all got along great. They were a little shy at first, but within 30 minutes they were playing together like they had known each other for years.

Jessica dug up some earthworms from her garden, and the boys were just fascinated. When they were done with the worms, they went to play in the girls' outdoor playhouse. Anthony told me he was delivering milk. LOL

While I'm on the topic of funny nephew-isms, David told us the other day that he wouldn't want to eat a truck because it would try to drive on his tongue. And Anthony told me in the car on the way over to Jessica's today that he went to Disney World when he was 5 years old (he's only 3). Too stinkin' funny.

So the kids got along famously, playing in the back yard for a good hour. Jessica has the most amazing back yard. Eventually they all wanted to come in, so we gathered the kiddos in the playroom. The boys took turns riding the giant stuffed pink unicorn and putting together puzzles.

I got the boys home with enough time to settle them in with their uncle Jeremy before heading off to my last apologetics class. I can't believe it's already the end of March! I learned so much in that class. It honestly didn't help me verbalize my faith much better -- but it really did help me think about it more clearly. And I think that will eventually lead to better speaking skills.

I'm going to end this post with some good news.  After that nightmare we went through when we found out someone had stolen Scarlett's identity, the IRS accepted our tax return and actually paid us our refund. When I saw the money in our account, I about did a back-flip. I thought it was going to be years of arguing with them before we saw that money. Thank you GOD.

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