Thursday, March 21, 2013

Neighbor Puppy

Not much time to blog tonight, sadly. After work, I had a quick coffee date with a friend that I haven't seen in WAY too long, then ran home to make dinner for Jeremy, then got straight back to work on a freelance project. Now I'm trying to hurry and write this so I can go spend some time with my husband before I go to bed.

Hero had his first true "accident" today. He pooped in the house once before, but it was on a puppy pad and we should have reacted faster when we saw him sniffing in a circle. Tonight, we didn't even realize he had peed on the tile by the front door until long after he had done it. Odd, since he's been here three weeks and had no trouble letting us know when he needs to go out. But he's a puppy, so I guess it's not THAT odd.

Jeremy is mad at me. Jokingly. I was out walking Hero a few days ago, and our neighbor came home from work when I was still in our yard. The neighbor came up to say hi and I introduced him to Hero. A few days later, those neighbors got a puppy. Ha! Well, it's actually not that funny, because those neighbors now have THREE little yippee dogs, and they let those dogs bark all the time. I don't know how they stand it. We certainly can't stand it.

Enough whining about our neighbors' yippee dogs. I could go on all day.

This freelance project I'm working on is so interesting. It's editing web content for an oil recycling company. I learn the coolest things when I work on freelance projects sometimes. Did you know that used oil isn't considered hazardous unless it's contaminated with chlorinated halogens? Interesting tidbit there for ya.

Okay, I really am wrapping up now. Off to snuggle with Jeremy before I collapse in bed with a good book.

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