Saturday, March 30, 2013

Last Day with The Twins

Jeremy got up with the twins this morning so I could sleep in a little bit. When I got up, I had a cup of coffee and then took the boys to the park down the street from us. We ran the whole way there, played "pirates" for a good hour, and then ran all the way back home. Good exercise for me! LOL

We took the twins home to their grandparents' house in Colorado Springs after lunch today. Jeremy dropped me off at the salon on the way. I'm back (pretty close) to my old blond color. Definitely feeling more like myself now.

Jeremy picked me up afterward and we got some brightly colored flowers from the florist. Then on to the cemetery to deliver those flowers to our daughter's grave. Many things have gotten easier over the past year -- visiting her grave never gets easier.

After that, a quick trip to Jeremy's parents' house. Janet showed me her BRILLIANT idea for Thirty-One's Hang Up Room Organizer. She's using it to organize all of her knitting and crocheting supplies:

This is still the number one reason I love Thirty-One -- seeing all the creative uses people come up with for their products!

Jeremy's parents, the twins, Kelsey, Jeremy and I went to Tucano's for dinner. I ate so much I thought I was going to die -- but it was SO good.

Now we're back home, and the house is so quiet. Jeremy is reading his weekly shipment of comic books, and I'm catching up on my blog reading. It's been a crazy week, but so fun. And now we're definitely ready for some normalcy.

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