Friday, March 01, 2013

Hero's Home

We picked up our new pup this afternoon. I worked from the living room so I could bond with him on his first day in his new home. Yeah, this one's gonna be a mama's boy.

He's a rescue dog, found on an abandoned farm in Texas with more than a dozen other puppies. All of his siblings were pretty skittish, which I think is a natural reaction to their short and traumatic lives -- but Hero is different. And when we brought him into our home today for the first time, it was like he already lived here. He just fit right in. Tyr was curious, but not aggressive or anxious at all. And Cairo just sat on the arm of the couch like, "Huh. Interesting. Another furry thing."

Hero is a mutt. He's definitely got a lot of Australian shepherd in him, as you can see by his floppy limbs...

But you can't tell me that's not a German shepherd face!

He's a big snuggler, which is adorable. However, we're going to have to train him not to jump up onto our laps ASAP. Because he's already a big boy (19lbs at 13 weeks old), and he's already gotten me in the face with those big paws of his. He seems so eager to please, I think he's going to be a piece of cake to train.

Our little family got a little bit bigger today. It was a good day.

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