Saturday, March 16, 2013

Busy Busy

Wowwww. Crazy last few days. Not a moment to blog.

I didn't get a break from work between 8am and 5:30pm, other than my lunch-hour yoga class. I am in the middle of a training frenzy at my day-job, trying to get 8 people ready to take over these projects on April 1. Meanwhile I'm trying to still handle my regular workload AND figure out what my new job is. I had just enough time to change clothes and eat dinner with Jeremy before I had to go to my apologetics class.

In apologetics, the lecturer talked about how constant exposure to evil hardens us. A school shooting where 5 children die will traumatize us, but the next time 7 children have to die to garner the same reaction. After that, it has to be 20 children. And so on -- we get desensitized. And only exposure to good can soften us again.

I agree with that so completely. Jeremy and I have both been feeling like we just need a big dose of good to counter-balance some of the evil of the last year.

After class a couple of friends of ours came over after they attended the Nuggets game in Denver. We hung out a while and they stayed the night at our house. This morning they treated us to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Mmmm baked apples.

Right after they left, my parents came up for a visit. This was their first time meeting Hero, and it was love at first sight. They actually threatened to kidnap him. LOL. I spent the day with them, going to lunch, shopping at Costco and going to church.

The worship band at church did an incredible cover of my current favorite song, Radioactive. Totally made my night.

My brain has been going a million miles a minute with ideas for my new business. It's literally been keeping me up at night -- I have to write every idea down as it comes or I can't sleep. I had 30 minutes last night between when class ended and when I was expecting company, and I used the time to crank out a couple of articles just to get some of these ideas more fleshed out. I love being so excited about something -- it's been too long since I've felt this way.

This excitement is spilling over into my day-job, too. Things I'm learning outside of my 8-5 hours are actually helping me in my new role. With so many of my various projects crossing paths, it feels almost... purposeful. Planned. Like everything is working together to bring me to something. It's really cool.

So anyway, sorry about the erratic topics on this blog lately. I've got a lot going on. And sometimes this just becomes a record of what I'm doing each day. Some of these blogs are more for me than for you, I guess.

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