Saturday, March 23, 2013

Blessed Noise

Originally we planned to meet Jeremy's parents and our twin nephews for lunch today at Hacienda in south Denver. But when we woke up to a foot of snow, our plans changed. Jeremy and I stayed off the roads, and I spent the day working on a freelance project. I was actually happy to be able to get that time to work on it, so I could spend some quality time with our nephews this weekend when they arrived.

David and Janet brought the boys to our house later in the day, after the roads had been plowed. It's spring break for the twins, and they're staying with us for the week. Hero is THRILLED to have people his size in the house.

We had a blast playing with the boys today. Jeremy even made his famous macaroni and cheese for everyone for dinner. Getting the boys to settle down enough to go to bed tonight, now that was a challenge.

We had to go into Scarlett's room to locate the nightlight before we put the boys to bed tonight. That was difficult. We don't go in there very often. The closet is still filled with little pink clothes. A striking reminder that I am now the only girl in the house.

But it's hard to stay sad for long when my arms are filled with little nephew hugs. And it's hard to focus on the sadness when there isn't a moment of calm or silence. I know having children is exhausting, but I hope you parents enjoy the disruption. Because someday, when your kids are grown and gone, you will understand what I mean when I say the silence can be deafening.

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