Monday, March 18, 2013

Baby Birds

I absolutely adore the end of the training process. After I've spent hours on the phone with someone, hosting virtual meetings and writing instructional documentation, when my trainee finally starts working a project on their own... it's like watching a baby bird leave the nest. I love seeing people find their feet in a new world.

Everything in my day-to-day life is in a big upheaval right now -- and it's both exciting and daunting. Mostly exciting. I feel a bit like a baby bird myself.

Tonight was the last night of my Monday night Bible study on the life of Peter. The women in that group really grew on me. I was sad to say goodbye, but I need to pare down my commitments while I'm getting this new business off the ground and attending B-School. I do plan on starting back up with their June study, though.

One of the ladies in that group reminds me so much of my late Aunt Peg. She surprised me with this sweet gift tonight.

How thoughtful is that? I don't know what prompted her to give that to me, but I was absolutely touched.

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