Friday, March 22, 2013

Auditory Learning and End of the World

Grr. I put Google Analytics code on all my websites weeks ago, and when I went to check out how the metrics were tracking, I realized I hadn't placed it right. Weeks of metrics down the drain. Wah! Oh well -- it's not like they are award-winning websites. Yet. :p

I'm slowly stepping into my new role at my day job. And it's absolute brain candy. So far it's all work that I have a knack for, but it's a new type of work so I'm still learning. I think the biggest challenge for me in my new role is going to be paying close attention in meetings. I am not an auditory learner, so I struggle to get information out of conference calls. If I can read it, watch it -- or even better -- DO it, I'll absorb the information so much faster. But part of my new job will be taking information from meetings and parsing it out to teams and departments within the company.

I think most people are not auditory learners. I have been training a large group of people for weeks, now, and I can tell even over the phone that they are not absorbing what I'm saying. So I follow everything up with written documentation, screenshots, spreadsheets, you name it. And I make myself available for one-on-one virtual meetings, too, so they can practice what I've taught them while I watch and guide them. (For those of you not in the tech industry, virtual meetings are essentially screen-sharing sessions. We log into a tool like HP Virtual Rooms, then the presenter shares their screen and the participants can watch right on their own computer. It's the best invention EVER for distance training and presentations -- but you have to remember to close down all your personal stuff. It cracks me up to watch a presentation and see Google Talk messages pop up. Ha!)

I actually use to train my freelance clients on Wordpress. I just love all this new technology! It makes sharing information so much easier. I always wanted to be a writer, ever since I could hold a pen, but the world of disseminating information goes soooo far beyond books now. I was certainly born in the right era.

Speaking of eras, I read a lot last year about how December 21, 2012 wasn't going to be the end of the world, but it was going to be the end of the world as we know it. Meaning, there was a big shift about to happen. And I think that was spot on. I have felt a shift since the calendar flipped to 2013. And everyone I talk to seems to be of this same opinion, that there are all these big changes happening -- and some of them aren't so comfortable -- but that the changes mean something. They're purposeful. As difficult as some of the changes are, they're going to be for the better.

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