Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weird Week, Clairvoyant, and Sweet Ladies

This week has been... weird. Not sure why. I mean yes, I know that everything is leading up to Saturday, the first anniversary of Scarlett's death. But the weirdness doesn't seem to fit with that event.

A friend introduced me to her clairvoyant on Monday. I'm open-minded, and I've been to psychics, aura readers and the like before. Not recently, though. This woman is a Christian, and I felt absolutely pulled to talk to her. I didn't even hesitate to pick up the phone and make that appointment.

Long story short, I had a call with her early this morning. And I won't go into great detail here, but I can tell you that it was an incredibly reassuring conversation. I felt a weight lifted off of me. I got some direction. And I got my priorities straight. (I promise I will share as each "vision" comes to pass -- so don't shoot me just yet.)

The biggest blessing, out of the many blessings of that conversation, is that she reaffirmed that my daughter is happy and that her "very, very bright" spirit is very much still alive. Yes, I have always had absolute faith in that -- but the reassurance felt so good, I can't even tell you.

Monday night I went to Bible study, and I have to say that those women are really growing on me. I was a little apprehensive at first. They're not the normal kinds of women I choose to hang out with. But they have absolutely enveloped me in love. They pray their beautiful hearts out for me every session, and reassure me they're praying throughout the week. And God bless them, they asked to see a picture of Scarlett this week, and the entire room gathered around and cooed over my sweet little girl. That felt SO good. After 19 months of people gushing over my gorgeous, precious little girl, I didn't realize how much I would miss it when it stopped.

I was so freaking tired on Tuesday night, I actually went to bed early. I NEVER go to bed early. I mean NEVER. But I couldn't keep my eyes open! So I went to bed, did my reading, and got some extra sleep. I'm glad I did because today has put me through the ringer. Coming off of that call with the clairvoyant I was full of energy and renewed focus, and I'm trying not to let work stuff detract from that high.

I've got a Thirty-One meeting tonight. They always give us a new amenity when we attend these meetings. I'm excited to see what I get this time. I'm hoping the meeting is short so I can have some time to read tonight (other than my nightly Bible reading, that is) before I crash.

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