Monday, February 18, 2013

Three Day Weekend

I have three days to catch up on, I know. I blame it on Jeremy's family. Every time we visit them, I have so much fun playing with the kids and conversing with the adults, I don't have a moment to myself to write in this blog. Woe is me!


Jeremy and I actually went to the Springs late Friday night so we wouldn't have to wake up too early Saturday morning. We stayed at his parents' house, and got there in time to say goodnight to our darling twin nephews. Those boys own big hunks of my heart.

Saturday morning, I was up an at 'em with enough time to throw my clothes on, join Janet and David for a cup of coffee in the kitchen, and jump in Erin's car to head to the Women of Faith conference at New Life Church. The conference was AMAZING. The speakers were powerful and entertaining, and the worship band was inspiring. The conference did a good job keeping the energy level high -- the speakers changed frequently enough that I didn't get bored, and they kept the doses of music within my attention span. An all-day conference can be a daunting thing if it isn't handled right -- easy to fall asleep, or just plain get bored. But they did a great job. Those speakers gave me goosebumps and brought me to the edge of tears a dozen times each!

After the conference, I caught a ride with Jennifer and we met up with the rest of the family at Senor Manuel's. Jeremy and I virtually never get to drink together (we are verrrry careful about drinking and driving, so one of us is always designated), so we took advantage of not having to drive and indulged in some margaritas. Senor Manuel's Manny's Gold margaritas are dangerous. They actually limit you to two because they're so strong. It took me almost two hours to drink a single one!

Sunday morning Jeremy and I went over to the cemetery first thing in the morning to visit Scarlett's grave. That never gets easier. I unleashed a lot of tears over that rose quartz headstone. I wish we had had more time that day, because I would have also liked to walk over to Jeremy's cousin Rebecca's grave in a nearby section of that cemetery. Rebecca was a sick kid just like my nephew Nicky. In fact, when Janet showed me a picture of the sweet girl on Friday night, I was shocked at how much she and my nephew look alike. There were some similar facial features, yes, but I chalk the sense of similarity up to the energy their faces gave/give off -- an almost otherworldly quality, like they may not be physically healthy, but spiritually they are so far beyond us, so much more in tune with heaven.

We went back to Jeremy's parents' house and everyone had gathered for breakfast. Jacob and Maya, Kelsey and Cole, Emily and Jamal, and even "Moppy" (Grandma Alger) had shown up to indulge in Janet's fantastic cooking. I stuffed myself silly. There's nothing better than a big family breakfast on Sunday morning. It reminds me of my childhood, and my mom cooking "Big Breakfast" every Sunday.

After breakfast, we all sat around and talked for a couple of hours. Then Jeremy and I packed up the car and headed out. I dropped him off at Jacob and Maya's house and made my way to Brianna's house to facilitate her Thirty-One party. As I expected, the girls drooled over all the great new spring products. I do love watching women get excited over this stuff! I feel like I'm a fairy godmother sometimes. Hahaha

After the party, I went back over to Jacob and Maya's house. Jacob and Jeremy had taken Nadia up to Cripple Creek to drop her off at her grandma's house, so it was just Maya and I for a few hours. We almost NEVER get time with just the two of us -- either the boys are around, or her daughter is. I don't think we shut up once in the three hours that the boys were gone. It was so great! Girl talk is just the best, isn't it?

Maya made us a great dinner, and then Jacob, Jeremy and I went downstairs to watch Walking Dead. That is a seriously great show to watch with other people. It's one of those shows where you yell at the screen, which is way more fun with an audience. LOL.

When Jeremy and I got home at 11pm last night, I fell asleep within like five minutes of walking through the door. I don't even think I took off my makeup.

Needless to say I was very thankful I had Monday off of my day job. Of course, I have still worked a few hours today on Thirty-One and GlobalWrites stuff. A "real" day off is a rare treat for me. I did take the time to meet up with the awesome Kirby Kana of Kirby Ink for lunch, though. We met at Morning Glory Cafe in Lafayette, and OOH BOY is that place awesome. I can't believe I never knew it was there when we lived in that area! I got a fried egg sandwich that about knocked my socks off.

Kirby is one of those women who I hope I never lose touch with. She's just amazing. If you haven't checked out her artwork, you need to. She just illustrated a children's book and I am eagerly awaiting news on when it will hit the shelves. She was actually the Creative Director at a company I worked for in Houston a few years back, so it's pure fate that we both live in the same area of Colorado today. When God brings two people from vastly different parts of the country (me California, her Louisiana) together in not one but TWO locations, you know that friendship is an important one.

I'm trying to wrap this post up with enough time to finish my reading for my Bible study tonight. So off I go!

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