Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Showing Your Heart

The former acrobatic dancer from my yoga class brought in photos today. Black and white snapshots of her "doing tricks" when she was in her 20s, and a color photo of her doing splits against a door frame when she was in her 40s. Even now, in her 80s, she walks like she's floating through the air. She's a breathtaking woman.

That's what happens when you wear your heart on the outside, I think. When you live the truth that's inside you, when you let your true self shine forth, other people see your beauty.

I was a little embarrassed about crying in my Bible study on Monday. I don't know -- I guess I felt like enough time had passed that crying in public shouldn't happen anymore. But I let my truth out, I told those women that my daughter died just weeks after the first time I went to church, and I could have chosen to never go back. I told them I could have chosen to live in anger against God, but the pastor that did Scarlett's funeral guided me gently off of that path of anger. He was the only person who really got through to me in those early weeks. And that's what I held onto -- the love and wisdom that the pastor imparted. Moving forward in my walk with God wasn't a question after that. And as I told those women my truth, through my tears, I think they saw beauty. And that's nothing to be embarrassed about.

I'm not saying I want to walk around in tears all the time. I'm saying that holding my heart out for others to see can be a scary thing -- but it's the only way for the world to see the beautiful person you really are.

So be loud. Be silly. Be righteous. Be kind. Be sensitive. Be strong. Be YOU and the world will respond to your true beauty.

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