Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Phone Brain, New Biz and Comparing Relationships

I had more conference calls today than I've had in the last two weeks combined. I'm so used to working virtually (via email, instant messenger, etc.), that when I'm on the phone that long, I feel a little wacky in the head. Like I have to get my brain back to reality after I hang up the phone. Weird.

My day job is transitioning over the next couple of months, and I'll be taking on a more focused communications role within the company. I'm over the moon about it! Communication is my thang.

I was telling Jeremy on Sunday when we were driving home that I've noticed throughout my life that when I'm in a social situation and I'm not talking (because I don't know anybody, or I'm not comfortable, or for whatever reason), people perceive me as snobbish. Not shy, not quiet, but snobbish. So I always make a point to talk. Even just a little bit. It completely changes people's perception of me -- they see a little more of my true self when I communicate.

Needless to say, my day-job role change is very much aligned with my skills and passion. I look forward to making an impact.

So, switching gears, I have decided on a new consulting business I want to start. In addition to the million other things I do, yes. But this one would fit in with a lot of what I'm already doing, and with my newfound desire to lead workshops. I have been a freelancer for 15 years, but I've never really started a business business. So I am absolutely dying to attend Marie Forleo's B-School to kick-start it. Now to figure out where to get the dough for tuition...

(Note for my husband who is reading this right now and cringing -- if it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be. But a girl's gotta reach for the stars. Good thing you're the rock I tie my star to, baby!)

And switching gears again (told you my brain goes wacky when I'm on the phone too long), I saw this great video on Gabrielle Bernstein's blog feed that I thought every woman should watch, whether you're single or in a relationship: Do you compare your relationship status?

I was guilty of that for so long. Well HER husband cooks. And HER husband is Mr. Fix It. And HER husband brings her flowers every week. And HER husband goes to the gym with her. I'd have this ridiculous chatter in my head and forget to look at what I DO have. A husband who loves nothing more than spending time with me at home. A guy who can grill a mean salmon fillet. A man with the most amazing blue eyes of anyone on the planet -- with the single exception of our late daughter. A best friend who, during our mutual devastation last year, still put my needs above his own. Other people's relationships shouldn't matter a lick to me. I'm glad I learned that lesson -- I'm not planning on making that mistake ever again.

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