Friday, February 01, 2013

Needed: Constant Reminders

God is bigger than my problems.
Jesus has overcome the world.
He is in me, and I in Him.
Fear not, for I am with you.

These phrases are some of the ones that have been sitting on my heart in the last week. Sometimes my problems feel so big, so overwhelming, like they're swallowing my life. I need to put them into perspective -- constantly.

I was listening to a Joyce Meyer podcast the other day in the shower. Yes, I listen to spiritual podcasts in the shower -- don't judge me. :p Don't you do some of your best thinking in the shower, too? And those podcasts keep me thinking about helpful things, rather than grocery lists and irritating coworkers.

Anyway, I was listening to Joyce Meyer the other day and she started talking about how God is always here with us, and how He is working in our lives even when the chips are down. It coincided with a book I'm reading called Hope Being Gone (Trusting God in the Tough Times), and reminding me how God has a bird's eye view of our lives. We might think because He's not giving us what we want when we want it, that He's not listening -- but in fact He's not only listening, but planning on giving us something perfect.

We think we know what's good for us, but we don't have a bird's eye view of our own lives -- so we don't know what's good for us in the grand scheme of things.

I remember being so frustrated and angry when Jeremy and I couldn't get pregnant the first time. It took a toll on us individually and as a married couple. But if I had gotten pregnant when I wanted to, it would have been a disaster. We conceived Scarlett at the perfect time in our lives and our marriage.

And even before then, I remember being frustrated when I wasn't given the promotion I was promised at work. And even worse, being put under someone who was hired from outside the company for the job I thought I was getting. But those events led to me leaving that job and that location and finding my way to Jeremy.

I could list a dozen more times when I didn't get what I was asking for, and it turned out to be a big blessing. Sometimes "no" is the perfect answer.

Why I need to be constantly reminded of how God plans everything perfectly for us, I'll never know. But I do need that reminding, so I am constantly filling my brain with material that reinforces that.

Maybe needing that constant reminder is a sign that something is incredibly important for us. Trusting God is incredibly important to me -- without that, I lose my hope. And hope is what keeps me ticking.

What do you need constant reminding of?

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