Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Anonymous Love

There is a women's church retreat in April that I have been wanting to go to. But we're so tightly budgeted, any trips need to be planned out and saved up for well in advance. As much as I wanted to go to this retreat, I didn't think I'd be able to get the money together before all of the spots were taken.

Last night in my Bible study group, I told the ladies about Scarlett for the first time. While I have been open about my experience with every other study group, I hadn't really had a good opening to talk about it in this one. I'm sure it stunned half the room. And I couldn't speak without crying this time.

I got an email this morning from the group leader that someone approached her after class, offering to pay my way to the women's retreat. They must have thought the same thing I did, that it would be good for my spirit.

After my initial ego responses cleared (Well, I might have found the money on my own; How can I accept such a generous gift from someone I don't know?; guilt guilt guilt guilt guilt), I realized that this gift was bigger than just registration fees to a retreat -- it was one woman reaching selflessly out to another in a time of need. And that is the kind of positive interaction we all need to encourage in this world, isn't it? So I graciously accepted.

While I love going to church every weekend, the services don't fulfill the deep need for connection with other women. Sermons don't provide me a person to call when I'm lost and alone. Small groups do that. Women's ministry groups do that. And I think women provide for each other in such a spectacularly beautiful way, that fellowship is irreplaceable.

My generous benefactor wishes to be anonymous -- but on the off chance she happens upon this blog, I wanted to shout THANK YOU!

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