Friday, January 11, 2013

Telling Habits

You can see where your focus is when you notice what habits you keep. What habits come easily to you, and which ones do you struggle with? Here is my own list...

Habits I currently keep without struggle:
  • Read the Bible before bed every night (it keeps nightmares at bay)
  • One cup of fully-caffeinated coffee every morning, or two cups half-caf
  • Yoga class three times a week
  • Write a blog post six days a week (admittedly sometimes a day squeaks by)
  • Input something spiritual into my brain before work every day
  • Pray every night
  • Date night with Jeremy every Tuesday
  • Read something for fun, not study, before bed
  • Kiss Jeremy and tell him I love him before we part ways -- going to bed, leaving the house, etc.
  • Get out of the house and around other people in a social setting at least once a week (thus also giving Jeremy the house to himself)
  • Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day
  • Take a multivitamin twice a day
  • Put everything -- EVERY LITTLE THING -- on my Google calendar

Habits I'm working on -- and mostly succeeding at:
  • Drink a cup of green tea every afternoon
  • One Sabbath/rest day every week

Habits I'm sucking at:
  • Journaling outside my blog

Obviously my physical, mental, relational and spiritual health are all at the top of my priority list. And my writing is at the bottom. It's not good or bad -- but it's interesting.

I'm a professional writer, so I write every day for work as well as this blog. So I'm not concerned about keeping my skills fresh. But writing used to be a priority outside of work. I tried to always be working on some piece of fiction, or some new nonfiction book idea. Anymore it doesn't seem as important.

A simple shift in some habits would get me off of the path I'm currently on, and onto another where writing was important again. But right now I'm perfectly happy on this path. I have no plans to shift focus any time soon. I realize that who I was five years ago is not who I am today -- and that's okay. I'm better today than I was then. Just ask my husband. I put up with him so much better now. LOL

Isn't it interesting, though, how telling your habits are? And how a few simple shifts in habit will drastically alter your priorities? List out your own and see what I mean.

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