Thursday, January 24, 2013

Career Gratitude

Being a writer (slash editor, slash web content manager) assumes a level of psychic ability. Did you know that? I have to anticipate clients', vendors' and partners' needs and desires. I have to get on the phone knowing very little about a project and just trust that answers (or at least the right questions) will pop into my head.

But this line of work has trained me for other things. It has given me faith in my God-given abilities, humility to not assume I know everything or will do everything perfectly, and confidence to bounce back quickly when I make a mistake. It has also taught me how to say two really important phrases: I'm sorry and No.

Being a writer has taught me that the second I take pride in the fact that a client had no edits/changes for me is the second that I will see my work printed and not recognize it because it has been changed so much. Being a writer has taught me not to take offense, to let a potential insult stop at my skin and not sink into my heart -- because for every person who doesn't like something I've done, there will be twenty people who do. Those twenty people are the only ones whose words I should let into my heart.

I can tell a new writer from a mile away. He is the one who argues when I send him edits, or apologizes (or worse, ignores) when he doesn't understand something instead of just asking questions. I have witnessed the growth of amazing writers from easily-offended newbies to confident professionals, and it is breathtaking to see. I have also witnessed the growth of long-time professionals as they enter the world of web content writing -- a world fraught with search engine optimization strategies, mobile browser requirements and a totally different audience than the writer was trained to address. There's nothing like seeing that spark in someone as their craft takes on a whole new dimension.

There are a lot of other careers in this world that would be easier. But I'm so thankful I was gifted with this one.

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