Thursday, January 17, 2013

Book Talk

I got an gift card for Christmas, which I spent on two books I've been jonesing for. The thing about the type of books I've been reading a lot lately is that they are rare -- and thus expensive. Even used, they aren't discounted. I have a hard time paying $30 for a book. I guess that stems from being a history major in college -- the books for each class were outrageously priced and I always had to buy a dozen of them. Authors don't get royalties on used books, so I do try to buy new books when I can -- but I'm on a budget these days.

That said, I was thrilled when my CS Lewis nonfiction collection arrived yesterday. It was well worth the money. It's huge and gorgeous, and even has one of those built-in ribbon bookmarks. I devoured the first chapter during commercials last night while Jeremy and I were spending some quality couch time together.

Lewis' writing fits right into the slant of my studies right now. He's a philosopher at heart, and his arguments are quite beautiful. I had the same feeling reading his work as I had listening to that speaker in my Apologetics class last week -- I wish I could be that eloquent. I understand these arguments about truth and human nature -- conceptually. My brain can chew on them easily. But when I try to verbalize what I understand in my brain, something short-circuits.

Quoting people who said it more eloquently than I can is the best way for me to explain what I'm understanding. Thankfully I have a husband who is willing to listen when I read a passage that strikes me. It's a fair trade, though, because while Jeremy might not read passages from his comic books to me, he'll tell me the entire plot of a series.

He's actually a great storyteller. I wish he would blog more. He has a blog that reviews comic books, but he writes in big chunks. My husband is actually quite brilliant, and it comes through clearly in his passion for comic books. I pray that someday we'll be able to open a comic shop so he can more easily share that passion with others. Actually, to be more accurate, I pray we can open a book-store-slash-comic-shop that will feed both of our passions.

A lot of the things I read challenge you to face your fears. What are you afraid of? What have you been called to do that you are scared to try? Opening a bookstore is the answer for me. I wish I was brave enough to try it at the risk of failing financially. I've done a lot of brave things in my life, but for some reason this is the one that really scares me.

Funny, isn't it? People are going into war zones to bring food and water to dying women and children, and I'm scared to open a bookstore. Sigh.

Anyway, the second book I bought with my gift card is due to arrive on Tuesday. It's a translation of Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologiae. And no, I don't expect that to be an easy read. But it'll give my brain something to chew on -- and these days that's just what the doctor ordered. When my brain is working on something, it has no time to let my mind wander to sad and negative topics.

I also bought the Kindle version of Gabrielle Bernstein's Spirit Junkie. I finished Soul Detox, and I've always got to have something going on my Kindle. This one seemed fitting because it's her journey through A Course in Miracles -- which is a book I am going to spend the next year reading (it's big and confounding).

In a few weeks, I'll be completely done with reading the Bible from cover to cover. It's hard to believe I'm almost done. It's been such a journey. I'm a little overwhelmed at the idea of not having that reading plan to go to every night. But I do plan on studying some of the books more in-depth. Studying isn't the best thing for me to do right before I sleep, though... so maybe I'll just start a reading plan with A Course in Miracles. I dunno. Maybe I'll just re-read the New Testament. In the end, I read whatever helps me sleep at night -- whatever keeps the negative-thought-train demons at bay.

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