Friday, December 21, 2012

Working at Relaxing

I have been doing my best to relax this week. Jeremy thought it was hilarious when I told him that it's hard work for me to relax.

But it's true. For me, relaxing means being unproductive and saying no to things that I actually do want to do. Relaxing, for me, means giving myself permission to be lazy. I am simply incapable of being productive and engaging in social activities without some level of stress.

It was important this week for me to avoid stress. Specifically to avoid the chemical reaction that happens in a body when you get stressed -- the spike in cortisol and adrenaline. I would do okay for a few hours, and then something would raise my blood pressure. It was seriously a lot of effort to avoid stress this week!

My day-job workplace shuts down at noon today, and the furlough goes until January 2. We've all been eagerly anticipating the break. Most of our team has already started their vacation, so there are just a handful of us holding down the fort right now -- and of course a major issue just arose. An issue that is going to require IT support. And at this company, you don't just hand things off to IT to fix -- you log a ticket, make sure the ticket gets routed to the right IT team, and then HARASS THE HECK out of that team until they decide that fixing the problem is easier than dealing with you constantly asking them where they're at with it. And yes, this process is standard for everything from a molehill to a mountain.

Every year in my peer review, "tenacity" is brought up as my strongest trait. And I think that's hilarious. Because I don't think I'm tenacious as much as I get so irritated when people won't do their jobs, that I don't care if I annoy them to death. I will stay on top of them until they do what they need to do. My manager calls it tenacity -- I call it professional harassment.

So I guess the time for me to relax is officially over. I'm writing this blog as I wait for an update from our support team.

Do you see why it's so difficult for me to relax? LOL

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