Friday, December 14, 2012

Hilltop View

I always want to live on a hill. I love being up high, in the treetops. And this time of year I delight in our hilltop house even more because I can stand at my bedroom window and be eye-level with flying flocks of geese.

There is a lot of wildlife in our little neighborhood because of the lakes and fields near us. If I was a birdwatcher, this would be heaven. I've also seen coyotes tramping through the field behind our house and bats flapping around the trees. I can stand at any of our back windows and get an eyeful of nature at any given moment.

But when I step outside and start walking to the nearby trail, when I start making my way toward that lake, my field of vision narrows. I'm in the midst of nature, and it makes nature harder to see. I experience more nature from a window in my hilltop home.

That's a pretty apt metaphor for life, if you ask me. We can be in a beautiful time of life, where things are going right, love abounds and happiness reigns, and in the midst of it we are blind to it. Years later, from the hilltop of memory, we can see how everything in that season was so beautiful and wonder how we missed it.

The length of time it took to have Scarlett was a blessing, because it gave me that hilltop to stand on before she was born. When she came along, I knew how precious she was and I didn't miss appreciating a single moment. I will always be thankful for that. But this time I'm going through now, after her death and before we have any more children, sometimes it's hard to see the beauty. I know it's there, but I need to get on a hilltop to see it. In time, I will have that hilltop view, I know.

(Side note for Bible lovers -- I just realized this train of thought ties in to my Bible study from this past Weds. We talked about how God showed Moses the Promised Land from a mountaintop before Moses' death. Some ladies said it was sad, because Moses knew he would never enter the land with his people. But now I think maybe it was beautiful. God showed Moses what he led his people to, and thus what Moses accomplished in his life.)

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