Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Final Decorations and My Husband with a Needle

I've been dragging my feet with the holiday decorations this year. I think I was afraid of the memories.

At first I wasn't going to decorate at all. Then I decided I'd at least put a wreath up on the door. And then when my family decided that I'd host Christmas Eve dinner (thank you guys for that -- planning that has been a lovely distraction), I thought I'd put a few festive decorations around the main level of our house. I even created a few new decorations with some ribbon I got on sale at Michael's.

I've been doing little bit by little bit over the last week. Last night I determined to finish putting up decorations. I opened the last box that Jeremy had pulled out of storage, and the first thing I saw were three stockings. That hurt, but I held myself together. As I worked my way to the bottom of that box, I saw the aforementioned reindeer headband that Scarlett wore last year. That, I couldn't handle. I went upstairs to our bedroom and bawled my eyes out.

I guess Christmas is going to be like everything else this past year. Some of it I'll be able to handle, and some of it will be heart-wrenching.

But to end this post on a happier (at least more comedic) note, Jeremy and I did have a little adventure last night.

I had to get a shot (injection, not alcohol) last night. I pass out when I have blood drawn, so I knew I wouldn't be able to give myself that shot. Jeremy (bless his heart) offered to do it -- as long as he could "put a pillow over my head so he couldn't see my face." I know he meant that he doesn't want to see me in pain, but I laughed my butt off at that. I asked him, "So you want to smother me as you stab me, huh?"

He did a great job, though. I literally didn't feel a thing -- no pain, no nothing. Maybe Jeremy was supposed to be a nurse in this life. LOL

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