Friday, September 30, 2011

Open Studios Reception and Annoying Painting

I went to the opening reception for Boulder Open Studios tonight with Scarlett, Drew and Lisa.  It was held in the Boulder Public Library, where the yearly Open Studios display is housed.  The artists didn't disappoint yet again this year.

There were a few new artists that I was pretty excited to see.  And all of the artists were there at the reception so I got to talk to a few of them.  I admire the hell out of anyone willing to stand next to their piece of art and hear what passersby say about it.  These Open Studios artists are brave creatures.

I really wish I would have had Lisa take a picture of me and Scarlett tonight.  We were dressed so cute, dammit.  LOL

After the reception we grabbed a bite to eat at Noodles.  Scarlett must have eaten half of both Drew's meal and my own.  Little piglet.

Speaking of my little one, Jeremy taught her how to put her finger to her lips and say "sshh" today.  It's so cute.

I painted a bit tonight after we got home and the baby was in bed.  On the oil portrait I'm working on, first I erased all the gridlines from where I transferred my drawing the other night.  Then I toned the illustration board with watered-down acrylic paint to get it ready for the oil painting I'm going to do over it (Note to self: get a bigger wash brush).  It looks really awful.  I can't wait until it's dry and I can paint over it.

So after I put that piece aside to dry, I picked up that pastel landscape I started last week.  Here is the progress:

First pass done last week

Tonight added a bit more detail and deeper colors

I am having a love-hate relationship with this piece.  Part of me wants to chuck it.  The other part wants to keep trying to rescue it.  The path is perfect -- I don't want to change a thing -- but the leaves are giving me a headache.

Maybe I'll just crop out everything but the path.  Take a pair of scissors to the paper and call it a day.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I had to blog about this for the record. This morning, Scarlett sat through her first entire book! No squirming, no flipping (or kicking) the pages -- she just sat still and listened as I read Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Light and Activity

Jeremy installed a new overhead light fixture in my studio yesterday.  It's got full-spectrum fluorescent bulbs, and I have to admit it makes a huge difference.  The room looks like it's lit up from a window.  Now all I need is a pretty rug, maybe some nag champa incense burning, and it will be the artistic home I have been wanting it to be.

I downloaded a new meditation MP3 called Running Meditation by Kelly Howell and used it for the first time on my after-work run yesterday.  I love Howell's work and already have several of her other meditation albums.  She specializes in brain wave therapy and guided meditation.  Though I can't say I was a better runner while listening to the tracks on my iPod, I can say I felt a rush of empowerment.  Her light-handed guided imagery includes references to connecting to the earth's energy, and it was like a light-switch went off in my head when I began to run.  All of a sudden I wasn't just a pair of heavy feet on the ground -- I was part of the world around me.  Sometimes that's all I need, that light little reminder, to remember that I am not separate from my surroundings. 

I took Scarlett to Michelle's new Kids Yoga class yesterday during my lunch hour.  Basically Scarlett spent the whole half hour running around the room with Aedan, grabbing the stuffed animals and toys he would drop, but we both had fun!  The kiddos were especially fascinated when we sang "Twinkle Twinkle" and did star pose.

I spoke to Michelle yesterday about how I've been struggling with my workout routines lately.  And after that conversation I was even more empowered to make physical activity a more regular part of my weekly schedule. 

For years I was religious about my workout routine -- but when I got pregnant two years ago, that went right out the window.  I've been struggling ever since to find a new routine that works for me.  Two moves and additional jobs didn't help the situation.  My weight is perfectly fine -- that's not the issue -- my mental health is the issue!

But fitting in some running and some yoga is not an insurmountable task, and I WILL do it.  I've already managed to get in two runs a week for the last month, with some yoga thrown in here and there.  One more run and at least two regular yoga sessions a week (one class and at least session at home with a video) should be all I need to build a basic activity foundation.  Then when I do pilates or go hiking, it's added benefit.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Studio Update

A few pics of how my studio is coming along, over at Attack of the Muse.

Flower Child

My wonderful friend and former piano teacher Heather came over for lunch today.  It's probably been 6 months since she's seen Scarlett.  It was quite the shock to her to see Scarlett walking and "talking".  She  brought Scarlett a late birthday present -- a handmade headband.

And in other silly baby news, now when Scarlett has a poopy diaper, she walks up to me pinching her nose.  It's awesome.

Running and Yoga

I've been running lately. Okay, well, attempting to run.

A few years ago, one of my yoga teachers came up to me in class. We were doing pigeon pose, and I have very flexible hips so that's always been an easy one for me. My teacher came over and said "In this pose, try to push your hips up off the ground." I looked at some of the stiffer bodies around me, people who couldn't get their hips to the ground like I could, and responded, "I've got really flexible hips. I don't have the strength to push my hips up off the ground." And she responded to the class as a whole, "Jessica is a perfect example of someone who is very flexible, and must work on strength in this class. Yoga is not just about flexibility, it is also about cultivating strength."

That was an epiphany for me. I always knew I didn't have a lot of strength, but I felt like my flexibility, cultivated by years of yoga, somehow made up for it.

It doesn't. To be a whole, healthy person, strength and flexibility go hand-in-hand.

And today, with running, I am once again face to face with that. Running is about strength and endurance -- not flexibility. And in fact, the super flexibility of my hips and knees is a problem! I am faced with the challenge of building up the muscle around them to support me through my runs.

The average person can train and go from the couch to a 5k run in 2 months or so. I'm expecting it to take much longer. But I'm determined. There is no logical reason that I can't run a 5k.

Besides, running gets me out of the house. And these days, that's a benefit all its own.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mysterious Anxiety

I've battled anxiety my whole life. Yoga would alleviate it for a short period of time, as would spiritual groups and classes -- but nothing ever lasted for more than a few hours.  When I began employing meditation on a regular basis in my early twenties, it was the first tool that actually made a long-standing difference.  And that was mainly because I could use it on the spot.  No need to attend a class or drag my anxious butt to a group setting.  I learned many meditation techniques that have served me well for every anxious situation.

But I've recently run into a bout of anxiety I can't seem get control over.  It happens in the middle of the night, and it wakes me constantly.  It started a few weeks ago with waking once at night, then it got worse and worse and now I am waking multiple times with obsessive thoughts.  These thoughts feel like they come from nowhere -- I mean, I was sleeping, after all.  What could make me anxious while I'm sleeping?  But I wake up obsessing over the dishes that didn't get washed, or the fact that Jeremy hasn't quit smoking yet.  It's only when I make the conscious decision to stop the thought pattern, then meditate, that the anxiety ceases and I go back to sleep. 

Once in a while this wouldn't be a big deal.  But it's been every night for weeks.  I can't help but wonder where it's coming from.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oil Paints and Yucky Studio

Aaah Meininger's.  How I love thee.  Staffed by artists that know what the heck they're talking about and can answer any question about any medium -- it's creative heaven.

Jeremy's parents gave me a gift card for Meininger's Art Store for my birthday, so I went to the Boulder location yesterday after work to stock up on some supplies.  I could spend a fortune in there, but I managed to control myself.  I got some Arches 300lb cold pressed watercolor paper, two different brands of sanded pastel paper, some illustration board, and a set of water-soluble oil paints and medium.

I've always wanted to try oil paints, but I've never wanted to mess with all the chemicals (e.g. turpentine).  Water-soluble oils have just solved that problem for me.  They are made of the same stuff regular oil paints are made of, but the linseed oil base is altered to work with water instead of turpentine. 

I'm in loooove.  Oil paints are amazing.  It's like painting with butter.  I may still use acrylics for underpaintings, but I don't know if I'll ever go back to them for painting.

Now if I could just solve my studio problem.

I have a studio, separate from my office, here in our new house.  It's in one of the bedrooms in the lowest level of our house.  And it just doesn't feel good.  It's not a creative space for me.  I can't pinpoint the exact reason, but I don't enjoy being in that room.  So I have all these art supplies I'm itching to use, but I dread having to use them in that room -- so I haven't been painting much. 

Drew thinks it's just a matter of lighting.  Maybe he's right.  But I would hate to spend the money on new lighting only to have it not fix the problem.  I just don't know.

Anyway, here's my first experiment with oil paints.  This was completely unplanned, just messing around, so it's not the best work I've ever done -- but it sure was fun:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Etc

A couple of other things I forgot to mention from this weekend.

First, we sold our Jeep Cherokee.  It was kind of a weird experience selling a car.  But it went to a good home, to someone who would appreciate it.

And second, CU stomped on CSU during the homecoming game at Mile High Stadium on Saturday!  GO BUFFS!  It's about time.  And what a great birthday gift.  :)

Birthday Weekend Pics

My birthday weekend rocked! Friday night Jeremy and I went to the Pearl Street Stampede while Drew babysat Scarlett. We got downtown early enough that we had time to walk over to the library to see the Open Arts display.

Open Arts is a Boulder organization that hosts events like gallery openings, classes and art fairs -- and they are responsible for the Open Studios Tour that we go to every year. And every year, each participating artist has one jury-selected piece on display at the Boulder Public Library. So you can go and see art from every artist and choose which ones you want to see on the tour.

Sadly the library was closed when we got there. They close early on Fridays apparently. But at least we got a nice walk in.

The Stampede was awesome! The football team was there, as was the marching band. Everyone gathered in front of the courthouse on Pearl Street, and an old-fashioned firetruck painted in black and gold led the parade.

We followed the parade for a few blocks, then ducked out and went to The Med for dinner. I haven't been there in years and Jeremy had never been there. We sat out on their gorgeous, string-light-lit patio in the cool fall evening.

Pretzel Guy stretching before squeezing himself into a box

We got home at a respectable hour and made sure Drew had survived. Scarlett was being needy with her uncle. Of course, she HAD fallen off the couch right before we left. Yeah, second time in two days she crawled off the couch. Both times she was under someone else's watch -- so we joke that while Scarlett has to learn these things, we're happy other people are teaching her those particular lessons. LOL

I should mention here that while we were window-shopping on Pearl Street before the Stampede, we stopped into the new Gaiam store and I pointed out this chair that I've been wanting. It's a big excercise ball on a chair frame with wheels. So you get the health benefits of sitting on an exercise ball while you work, but there's more back support and the wheels make it more chair-like. Jeremy made fun of me for wanting it ALL NIGHT. He kept saying things like "I'll take you to Home Depot and get a bucket and we'll put a medicine ball on it for you." Yeah, well when I walked into the house that night, that exact chair was sitting in our entryway -- he had bought me one for my birthday! He also bought me this Bluetooth iPad keyboard which I am using right now to write this blog.

Drew and Lisa got me a set of brush pens and a cute little bookmark, too. I couldn't put the pens down last night. I have a very colorful doodle page in my sketchbook now.

Saturday morning Jeremy let me sleep in, and I awoke to flowers and Starbucks.  We went down to Colorado Springs later that morning. Jeremy dropped me off at my hairstylist's and I got my hair done while he took Scarlett to his parents' house. After my hair appointment, Jeremy picked me up and we went to Manitou Springs, just the two of us. We had a nice, baby-free shopping day. He bought me this beautiful tree necklace, created by artist Carolyn Musick. I got compliments on it all day.

After shopping in Manitou, Jeremy's parents brought Scarlett (and the twins, and Vanessa and Marissa) to meet us for lunch at Jake and Telly's. Scarlett impressed everyone with her appetite once again.

Scarlett took her sock off and placed it on her head while we were driving home. Nut.

When we got home later that night, my last gift had arrived. Jeremy had ordered these hand-made artist styluses for my iPad. I love drawing on my iPad, but my Pogo stylus is not the best tool for it. So Jeremy got me a new set that work like a charm.

Sunday we went to Estes Park. We took a different route, and it added an extra hour to the drive. So we didn't hike on the way in, like we had planned. I wanted to stop at Lily Lake to try out the child carrier hiking pack that Brianna gave us, but we really had to do lunch first. So we went to The Egg & I, where Scarlett proceeded to charm everyone in the whole place. The waitress brought her some dinosaur toys to play with and she was just tickled. There was an art fair going on in the park there, so after lunch we walked around the downtown area and went to the art fair for a bit. We used the hiking pack the whole time to get a feel for it. It worked out great! I can't wait to do more hiking with it.

The waitress at The Egg & I gave Scarlett some dinosaurs to play with

Jeremy walking back to the car from the art fair in Estes Park

Friday, September 16, 2011

Visit with Mom, Virtuoso and Birthday Weekend

My mom is home safe after having shoulder surgery earlier this week.  Scarlett and I went to visit her yesterday.  She looked incredible, especially given that she was under heavy pain medication and was wearing a complicated-looking sling.  Poor Mom was sent home on oxygen, though.  I have the same problem with low blood pressure under physical stress (in fact, to this day I have to have my feet elevated when I am having blood drawn, or I'll pass out), so I really felt for her.  It's no fun being doped up, bedridden AND feeling weak from lack of oxygen.

Scarlett showed off her new walking abilities, to the amazement of my whole family.  She walked from room to room and wanted to touch everything.  She's very good at not knocking things or pulling things, but she likes to just touch things.  My mom got up at one point and had me take Scarlett to the piano -- and man were my mom's instincts right-on, because Scarlett just wailed on those keys.  Do I have a virtuoso on my hands?


This is a preemptive THANK YOU to our awesome family for helping with Scarlett this weekend.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and Jeremy and I are kicking off a whole weekend of birthday festivities tonight at the Pearl Street Stampede.  Tomorrow is the CU vs. CSU game at Denver's Mile High Stadium -- probably the biggest game for us in terms of rivalry all year.  And every Friday night before a home game, there is a parade in downtown Boulder called the Pearl Street Stampede.  I have never been to a Stampede before, and I am sooooo excited!  GO BUFFS!

Other birthday celebratory activities include: checking out the 2011 Open Arts display at the Boulder Library (to prepare for this year's Open Studios tour), dinner in downtown Boulder, getting my hair done, shopping, dinner with the Mehrings (and another one with my family when my mom has healed from her surgery), and a trip to Estes Park that will include hiking with our new child carrier hiking pack that Brianna so AWESOMELY gave us.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jeep, Pacifier and New Shoulder

Jeremy put our Jeep Cherokee on Craigslist late Monday night, and the phone has been ringing off the hook with people who are interested.  I'm happy that it will sell quickly and (hopefully) close to our asking price -- but it's a little weird having strangers calling and coming to the door.  I'm really thankful that Jeremy is handling it all.

Yesterday was Scarlett's first day without her naptime pacifier.  We have always limited her pacifier use to nap/bedtime and times when she needs major comfort (like after getting shots at the doctor's office).  We planned on breaking her of the habit by 6 months.  Then 9 months.  Then a year.  I finally put my foot down and said "We're doing it now."

So we've started by not giving it to her during her naps.  Yesterday was rough.  She didn't nap AT ALL yesterday.  We put her in her crib when she was tired, and let her whine and cry for a reasonable amount of time before bringing her back out.  She didn't nap, and she was cranky because of it, but at least she had some quiet time.  Though our ears need some quiet time now.

So this is day two.  PRAY FOR US.

Scarlett has been so amazing with every other transition.  Everything from ceasing to swaddle her, to moving from bassinet to crib, to the elimination of her bottle, she has made it all very easy.  We were not prepared yesterday when she had such a big reaction to not getting her pacifier.

In other baby news, Scarlett is no longer a baby.  She's a fully-walking, talking, goofy little toddler.  She still likes to make faces, she thinks every moving object is a "dog woof woof", she points and gasps dramatically when something catches her eye, and she's a smooching, hugging little lovebug.  Her favorite book at the moment is The Runaway Bunny, which she insists I hold while she flips the pages and "reads" to me.

My mom just had surgery to replace her left shoulder joint.  She's been in so much pain the last few years due to osteoarthritis, once she has healed from the surgery she'll have so much more freedom.  Scarlett and I (and maybe Jeremy if he doesn't have to show the Jeep) will be visiting her tonight. 

I've been working on the GlobalWrites website a lot recently.  Check out the latest over at Penning the Way.  One big writing project is still on hold waiting for the clients to sign the contract (funny, because they said they were in SUCH a hurry to get this work done), but I've got two new holiday food articles to write for by early October so I'm staying busy.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Elmo and Girls Day Out

We took the Schell family to The Huckleberry for dinner on Wednesday night.  Jeremy and I hadn't been there since we moved to Northglenn, so it was a real treat.  We wanted to take the Schells somewhere special to thank Jacob for all his help with our house this week (and to thank Maya for letting us steal him!). Jacob hooked up the water line on our fridge, fixed an outside faucet, fixed our sprinkler system, and helped Jeremy re-tile the master bathroom.  On his vacation!  Taking the family to dinner was the least we could do. 

Thursday Jacob's parents (Jeremy's aunt and uncle) drove up here to Northglenn from Cripple Creek to pick up Nadia.  They love road trips, and seeing their granddaughter was a great excuse to drive.  Also, they had never seen our new house and they hadn't seen Scarlett in a few months.  It was a nice, if brief visit. 

Since Jacob and Maya were kid-free on Thursday night, and Scarlett goes to bed pretty early, we picked up some beer and wine and did a little BBQ.  We ended the night playing Dance Central (OMG we all sucked so bad -- except for Maya, who has an unnatural sense of rhythm.  LOL).  After that we hooked up Sing Star.  Jacob wanted to sing the more high-pitched songs, so he and I ended up battling each other while Jeremy and Maya battled each other.  At one point I was laughing so hard I literally fell off the couch -- Jacob sounded exactly like Elmo singing.  It was awesome.  Good thing we have two floors between that TV and Scarlett's room, because we were all howling.

The Schells left Friday morning, and we were so sad to see them go.  It was wonderful having them under our roof.  The house feels awfully quiet without them.

Jeremy headed down to the Springs on Friday night as well.  On Saturdays he is helping with one of his dad's businesses while they're entering into the busy season.  So I was left all alone with Scarlett. I read for a while, then went to bed early Friday night.  I lead such an exciting life, I know.

Today I spent catching up with housework -- but I was crawling the walls by this afternoon, so I decided to make it a girls' day out with Scarlett.  After her afternoon nap, we drove into Boulder.  First stop was the 29th Street Mall.  There is an Origins shop there that has my favorite mascara, and I needed more.  When I turned into the mall area, I quickly noticed the center part was blocked off for an art fair, so I ended up having to park a little farther than usual.  But the walk from the car to Origins was so nice.  It was a beautiful day.  As always, the ladies at Origins were friendly and helpful.  They fawned over Scarlett and even gave me some extra free samples.

After the 29th Street Mall, we hit Barnes and Noble.  I had Scarlett in the stroller, but as soon as she saw the children's section, she started squirming and whining to get out.  I had never brought her into the children's section of Barnes and Noble before, and I had never let her walk on her own in a store before (granted, she's only really been walking without help for about a week) -- and it was a little nerve-wracking.  I put my purse in the stroller and had a hard time keeping up with Scarlett without losing sight of the stroller.  Lesson learned.  No stroller if I'm alone and Scarlett's going to be running around.  But anyway, she was SO excited.  She pointed and gasped excitedly at every book and toy she saw.  In the end I bought her one book: The Runaway Bunny.  I remember it fondly from when I was little.  We got a little snack in the cafe, then headed home for dinner and bedtime.

On the drive home I talked to my dad, and he caught me up on the CU/Cal game.  My parents went to Berkeley and I went to CU, and since CU just joined the Pack 12, this was the first time our teams have ever played each other in the same league.  The game went into overtime, and Cal won with the last touchdown.  I'm sad my team didn't win, but I'm glad they held their own.  And I'm happy that my parents' team won if mine didn't.

Green Dress

Crazy Walking Baby Video

Watch on YouTube:

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend used to be when I would go out to California and meet up with my aunt Peg for the Sausalito Art Festival.  Now that Peg has passed away, this time of year has a sweetness and a sadness to it.  Fond memories and a feeling of loss do a little tango in my heart.

Though I didn't go out to Sausalito this year, I still kept busy over the three-day weekend.

Saturday Jeremy was working on a project at his parents' house in Colorado Springs, so Scarlett and I went to Ikea with my parents and Drew.  Denver FINALLY got an Ikea.  And people are still going a little nuts over it, so it's quite the event to shop there.

Afterward we had lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery.  Scarlett got her chicken strips and fruit bowl meal ten minutes before we all got our meals, and she was still eating ten minutes after we were done.  She was determined to stuff every last bite in her mouth.

My friends/colleagues Deb and Regina invited Scarlett and I to meet them at a coffee shop in Boulder Saturday evening to enjoy live Egyptian music.  It was close to Scarlett's bedtime, but I thought the unique experience would be worth her staying up a little late that night.  I'm glad I made that decision.  Scarlett went NUTS at Caffe Sole.  When the music started, Regina scooped Scarlett up to dance with her -- and Scarlett went crazy dancing to the beat.  She bobbed her head and tried to imitate the hand movements of the belly dancer out on the dance floor.  Scarlett was so in to it!

Sunday Scarlett and I went down to the Springs for the twins' birthday party (Jeremy was already down there).  I can't believe those boys are already two years old.  They are only 10 months older than Scarlett, so I always look at them and think, "That's going to be Scarlett in ten months!"  And it blows my mind.

It was a fun party.  So many family members and friends showed up.  And Jacob, Maya and Nadia were there visiting from Arizona.  They had never met Scarlett.  As soon as Nadia came in the house, Scarlett immediately smiled and reached for her.  Instant bond.  It was so cute.

Monday Jeremy and I spent time working on household projects.  Jacob agreed to help Jeremy re-tile our master bathroom and do a few other little projects around our house (that a handyman wanted to charge us a fortune for), so Jeremy did his best to get as much ready for Jacob as possible.

Jacob arrived Monday afternoon, but Maya and Nadia stayed in the Springs to visit more family.  It was great to see Jeremy and Jacob together again.  They really bring out the best in each other. I wish they could see each other more often than they do.  We joked about getting a winter house in AZ if Jacob's family got a summer house in CO.  So anyway, the boys worked on the household projects and then did a little barbecue, and I watched Scarlett, did a little work and then put the baby to bed and stayed out of the boys' way.

Tuesday all of us met up with Jeremy's parents, the twins, Marissa, Marcia, Brianna, Ashlyn, Baby Dawson and Baby Ella at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  We had so many kids between us, it looked like we brought a preschool group.  All of the kids had so much fun, though, and got along so great.  No meltdowns or freak-outs at all.

Tuesday night after the kiddos went to bed and Maya and I were done working, us adults went downstairs and played some Kinect.  Jeremy rented Dance Party.  It was HILARIOUS.  I am so completely uncoordinated, and I dance like a stick figure (or Gumby, depending on the move), so Maya was kicking my butt in the dance-offs.  And watching Jeremy and Jacob dance -- OMG -- I was laughing so hard there were tears streaming down my face.  It was awesome.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Commission Done, New Office, and Catnap Baby

This week got away from me, blog-wise.  I didn't even have time to work out.  Or go for a run (other than Monday).  Sad face.

I finally finally finally finished that commissioned painting.  Well, the painting was done over a month ago, but I had to have the printer re-print the canvas THREE TIMES.  I will not name the printer because it's actually a shop I frequent for photography needs, but I won't be using them for digital art prints anymore.  So my dear friend Linette and her family have a brand-spanking new family portrait arriving at their doorstep next week.  Wahoo!

I found a new office this week.  I am trying to get into the habit of working outside the house once or twice a week.  Just to get out of the house, first of all, but to also get some focus on certain projects I'm working on.  Shutting my office door at home can only do so much when I hear Scarlett screaming one floor down because she's cranky from being tired.  And I am not an easy person to be around when I have cabin fever.  So working outside the house every so often is a good thing.  Anyway, my new "office" is Forza.  I mentioned them before as being my current favorite coffee shop.  Well when I realized they have free wifi, it was a done deal.  I worked from there for a while on Wednesday and it was quiet, had nice music, friendly staff and great coffee.  And they have a fireplace that I'm sure will be very cozy come winter.

I've got another writing project in the works with GlobalWrites.  I'm just waiting on the contracts to be signed before I can officially start the job.  This one is going to put my history degree to work, so I'm looking forward to it.

I've also got new pitches out to a client in Texas.  These guys are the ones I write a lot of recipe and crafts articles for.  Those types of articles are fun to write -- but the recipe and instruction testing can be a little time-consuming. 

We're also working on giving the GlobalWrites website a face-lift.  Look forward to more posts on that when the changes are live.

Scarlett has had a rough last two weeks.  She has gone back to her old habit of taking multiple 15-20 minute naps rather than two 1-2 hour naps.  Not sure what changed, but it's rough on all of us.  Particularly Jeremy, since he's with her all day.

Scarlett is also walking longer and longer distances.  She's gotten as far as 4 feet.  But she'll walk forever if you hold her hand.  She loves to just hold someone's hand and walk around the house -- even up and down the stairs.  When Jeremy was mowing the lawn this evening, I brought her out front with me, and she pulled me toward Jeremy because she was so interested in what he was doing -- didn't even care that there were two big ol' steps in her way.

I forgot to mention this before, so it's a little out of place in this post, but my cousin Anna gave Scarlett a new nickname when we were at Lake Tahoe.  Scarlett the Starlet.  Fitting, no?

Oh, and I did this this week.  More details over at Attack of the Muse.