Monday, November 30, 2009

Picture of My Ring

As promised in the last post...

Holidays Schmolidaze

I need a vacation after the holiday.

Wednesday night we headed down to the Springs. Jeremy had to pick up one last shipment of comics from his old shop, so instead of making two trips down there, we just took the dogs with us and stayed the night at his parents' house. When we got there, we all headed to Senor Manuel's for dinner. Before heading back to the Mehrings' for the night, we stopped by Frank's flag football game. Holy CRAP it was cold. Jeremy and I were bundled up and still huddled under a big blanket for warmth. The temperature changes in Colorado never cease to amaze me, even after all these years.

Thursday was a busy day. The whole family went over to Jennifer's house for Thanksgiving dinner (I brought a Mexican casserole). After we stuffed ourselves silly, we all took turns taking care of the twins so poor exhausted Emily could have a little rest. We brought our dogs with us, and Tyr got along fine with Jennifer's dog Chewy, but Loki was not a happy camper. She's having to wear a muzzle while she learns not to use her mouth when she gets scared, and she just sat frozen like a statue in the back yard the whole time we were there.

We left the Springs in the late afternoon and headed up to my parents' house in Castle Pines for dessert and a movie. We ate apple pie and cheesecake and drank smoothies (courtesy of my creative brother Drew) while we watched Angels & Demons. Again Tyr did fine with the other two dogs that were there, but Loki had a hissy fit. I'm sick of her being so freaking SCARED all the time. She's a pit bull! She shouldn't be scared of anything!

Friday Jeremy and I took the bus into Boulder for the first time to see the CU/Nebraska game. Boulder County has an amazing public transportation system, and we were curious to see how convenient it was for us. The bus stop is just around the corner from our house, and to catch a ride on the Dash it only costs $2. So for both of us round trip it's $8, and it drops us off right on campus (or Pearl Street, should we keep going on it). Now compare that to the $20 we would have had to pay in parking, and it was more than worth it.

So we went to the CU/Nebraska game. Yeah. Well, going to a college football game is fun. Watching Ralphie run is fun. Being out in the sunshine and watching your spouse root for your team is fun. What is not fun is watching your team lose in a really painful way. CU's defense was good -- our offense STANK. It was just sad. But we had a great time anyway, and Jeremy is talking about wanting to go every season (but next time he wants to get some CU regalia to wear to the game -- too cute!).

Friday night I went out to dinner with Sophie, Della and Della's father-in-law (who I have known for years and just adore). Jeremy wasn't feeling well, so he skipped out. I love my husband, but it was nice to have some interaction with some different people.

Saturday we swore we wouldn't get out of bed. By noon we were sick of bed and moved to the couch. By 6pm we were stir crazy. So first we took the dogs on a walk around the neighborhood, then we went to the mall. Jeremy and I decided for Christmas this year we would each get a new ring. I wanted a sapphire ring (it's my birthstone) and he wanted a tungsten ring to replace his scuffed up titanium wedding band. After turning away from dozens of pretty rings over the last few weeks (though Jeremy tried to convince me to get nearly all of them), I finally found "the one". It's a beauty -- I'll post pictures at some point.

Sunday we went into Boulder to do some hiking and shopping. I think I'm out of practice with the hiking, because for some reason I thought I could leave my pack at home and be okay. In late November in Colorado. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. We got about 100ft on the trail and it was all ice -- and my dang yacktrax and cleats were in my pack at home. Grr. So we tried another trail in Chataqua park, but it was too steep and Jeremy couldn't handle it. So overall we didn't do much hiking. We did, however, get some shopping done at Home Depot, so all was not lost.

I've got cabin fever. Bad. My new job has much longer and odder hours than my old one, so I haven't been able to get into a regular workout routine. Plus I haven't joined any groups up here yet. So I'm kinda itching for some social interaction. I'll probably start looking for a knitting group here pretty quick, I think. Della expressed some interest in that. Maybe I can convince her to join me. This is probably the hardest thing about moving -- meeting new people. I'm a social creature. As much as I like my independence, I need interaction to stay sane. It takes about a year to develop a decent community, I've found.

Okay, people, when are you going to start visiting? We've got a beautiful guest room ready and waiting, and you are all being lazy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Visit from Jeremy's Family

Jeremy's family came up to visit us on Saturday. It was great to see them! We gave the whole mob a tour of our new house, hung out and visited until the twins were awake and fed, then we went to Beau Jo's for dinner. We wanted to take everyone to Pearl Street and do some walking afterward, but the kids hadn't brought their jackets and they couldn't fit the stroller for the twins in the packed car, so they all took off right after dinner. Jeremy and I headed to Pearl Street by ourselves. We did some window shopping, got some Starbucks, and watched the holiday lighting ceremony at the courthouse.

Sunday we slept in, then I went to a yoga class. When I got back, we watched the new Star Trek movie, which was pretty awesome. That was pretty much the extent of what we did all day! I would love to have more days like that... but honestly I get too antsy when I'm not being productive.

We've decided to spend time with our families over Thanksgiving this year, but to do Christmas by ourselves. It's important for us to start developing our own family traditions. But with the events of this summer, we both felt it would be good for us to have some time with our families over Thanksgiving. So we're heading down to the Springs for Thanksgiving dinner with Jeremy's family, then up to Castle Rock for dessert and a movie with my family. I'm really looking forward to it!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Breathing and Beaujo's

I'm trying to breathe through the stress. Like when I feel like I will explode if I get one more email in my inbox, or one more person tries to justify their job by putting yet another meeting on my calendar -- I am just trying to breathe. I look at the mountains outside my window and take a deep breath.

Sometimes it helps.

Sometimes I hyperventilate.

Jeremy went to the theater with me to see New Moon at midnight last night. The movie was fantastic. I admit that the vampire parts could have been paced better -- but the wolf parts were just perfectly done. I fell in love with Jacob and Edward all over again. I am absolutely dying for Eclipse next year -- it's my favorite book in the series.

Jeremy's family is coming up to visit tomorrow. They finally get to see our new home. We're really looking forward to it! And Jeremy can't stop talking about Beaujo's Pizza, where we are all going to dinner. Apparently they used to have one in the Springs, and it was a family favorite, but they closed down. I've only been to Beaujo's once and that was in Evergreen. There is one down the road from us here in Boulder, though, so that's where everyone wants to go.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Job

I never thought I'd look forward to meetings to break up my day and give me a chance to breathe. But here I am.

My new job is a lot less tech stuff and a lot more chasing people down for information. It's been a challenging transition. The good news is I'm really good at chasing people down. The bad news is it's a lot more stressful than doing the behind-the-scenes tech work I'm used to doing.

But, as always, I'll settle in, find a rhythm, and nail down more efficient processes. Cuz that's how I roll.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Restaurants, Loaded Questions and Boots

Cheryl sent me some restaurant coupons along with the most amazing necklace for my birthday (yes, that's how long we've been playing tag trying to get together). So Jeremy and I used one of the coupons for a date at the Canopy Grill on Wednesday night. It was unbelievably good.

Thursday Jeremy went to the Springs to do a sleep study. Yes, finally, after all these years of snoring like a jackhammer, he's doing something about it. He told me that they woke him up in the middle of the night and put him on oxygen because his breathing was so labored. That's scary! We haven't gotten a diagnosis yet, but most likely it's sleep apnea -- which his last doctor said he DIDN'T have because he took one of those home tests and it came up negative. He might have to sleep with oxygen from now on -- but he's looking forward to actually getting some quality sleep. And so am I!

I've been working crazy hours this week, trying to transition out of my old job and into my new one. So this weekend Jeremy and I took the opportunity to relax a little and not just do house stuff. Friday night we watched Trick 'r Treat -- which was really gross. We started to watch Management, but I had been fighting a migraine all day and took some meds that made me pass out about 20 minutes into it. Okay, I'm pretty sure that it wasn't the meds, but how BORING the movie was that actually put me to sleep.

Saturday we went into Boulder and went for a walk along the Bobolink Trail. Then we hit Barnes and Noble for a few books and some hot apple cider. Perfect winter day!

Della and her neighbors were having a girls' game night, so I went to that on Saturday night. We played Loaded Questions and ate fondue. It had snowed like crazy while I was there, so when I drove home I was thankful it's less than a mile between our houses.

Jeremy and I are taking turns planning dates. Sunday was my turn. He'd been expressing interest in trying yoga (mainly because I give him a hard time about how tense his muscles always are) -- so I took him to a Yum Yoga class in Louisville. It's an extremely gentle yoga class focused on stretching and relaxation, so I thought it would be perfect for his first class. He didn't hate it. I don't know if he LIKED it, but he didn't hate it.

Afterward we went to The Huckleberry for brunch. Oh wow. Another restaurant to go in our top ten up here.

Tonight I got the art bug. I decided I wanted to create a cartoon character. Introducing Boots the Cat:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rush Hour, Pinnochio's and a Surprise Party

A week? It's been a week since I wrote? Where did the time go? Oh yeah, it went to an INSANELY BUSY SCHEDULE.

Jeremy and I fought morning traffic to go down to Colorado Springs last Thursday morning. I had a few appointments and he had some things to wrap up at the old house, so I worked from the office. After my last appointment of the day, I walked over to Pikes Perk to wait for Jeremy to pick me up. Walking through downtown Colorado Springs, I was once again struck by what potential it had. The layout is great, the shops and restaurants are great and the parking isn't too terrible. And the culture in the Springs IS changing. The arts are becoming more prominent, and I see fewer and fewer Focus on the Family advertisements every year. It's becoming more balanced, and the Springs is starting to break out of its box a little.

We finally got an appointment for both Tyr and Loki with Loki's trainer. We needed help with the issues those two have been having. It seems that Tyr has lost all patience with Loki -- he just doesn't want to put up with her anymore. Unfortunately, because of Loki's volatile personality, this is the cause of a lot of the fights. The trainer gave us a bunch of tips on how to correct that problem, and how to address a few others that have come up since we've moved. So far, so good. It's not easy training 4-yr-old dogs. They are very set in their ways. But we're working on it.

Saturday morning Jeremy and I went to the last farmers market of the year in Boulder. We got some tasty stuff! Local cheese, spinach, butternut squash, honey, and a chocolate balsamic vinaigrette. Yummmm.

My parents came down Saturday afternoon to see our new house and take us to a late lunch. We ate at Pinnochio's, which was very down-home Italian. Awesome alfredo. Then we grabbed coffee at Mojo's and went for a walk around Waneka Lake. It was a good day all around.

Della and I went to a Yum Yoga class at Yoga Elements in Louisville on Sunday morning. I somehow managed to keep my mouth shut about the surprise birthday party planned for her later that day. LOL. The class, as always, was wonderful. It's the perfect addition to a regular yoga practice because the focus is complete relaxation and unwinding. It's not an athletic class. You walk out of there feeling like you just got a massage. That afternoon Jeremy and I gathered with about 20 other people for Della's surprise party. And boy was she surprised!

Unpacking is coming along. We've still got a lot of work to do, but the big stuff is all taken care of. I'm trying to remember right now why I always liked moving so much... but it's hard to think with the PILES OF CRAP EVERYWHERE.

And don't even get me started on work. My job is changing. My whole team is shifting around and taking on different responsibilities. So I'm training the person who's taking over my work (And I'm sooo happy about who they chose to take over for me! She's a longtime friend and a trusted coworker.), and at the same time trying to learn my new job. The transition is supposed to be complete on Dec 1. Can you say stressful?

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Shopping, Snow and Steam

The new house is slowly coming together. Still a bajillion boxes to unpack, but now it's mostly my books. I teased Jeremy mercilessly about his huge collection of comics that we had to move, but in reality my books are way more of a pain in the butt.

So catching up a little. Last Wednesday and Thursday I was housebound with the crazy snowstorm that we had. We got about 2 1/2 feet here at the house in Lafayette. Tyr was having a blast jumping in the snowdrifts. Thursday, after an email conversation with one of my aunts in Santa Cruz where she talked about taking a walk in the beautiful weather, I couldn't stand to be cooped up any more. I put on my hiking boots, bundled up, and headed out into the freezing cold to go on a walk around Waneka Lake. It was totally worth the frostbite on my nose. So beautiful. There were a bunch of kids sledding down one of the hills near the lake, and it made me nostalgic.

Friday night Jeremy came up with Loki to Lafayette after finishing work in the Springs. Loki brings an element of chaos wherever she goes. She's as sweet a dog as they come, and as long as we continuously use the methods we learned in the Sit Means Sit program with her, she listens very well -- but her energy is just chaotic. Tyr doesn't have much patience for her. I'm sure that's why they've been fighting more lately. Tyr's like the cranky old grampa, and Loki's like the little kid who's had too much candy.

Jeremy and I spent all of Saturday buying necessities for the house with money we don't have. But hey, fresh start, new stuff, right? We found the most incredible antique store on Baseline and Public Rd and I found a hutch for the dining room that I couldn't live without. We'd been looking for some kind of buffet -- something we could use to store both liquor and table linens -- and we found some cheaply made stuff at several stores. But this gorgeous hutch was not only well-made and in perfect condition, but it cost less than anything else we'd seen of comparable size. Oh yes, I will be a frequent customer of Geri's Antiques.

Sunday Jeremy went back down to the Springs and he and Matt loaded up the rest of the stuff from the house onto the box truck. Then they drove it all up here and unloaded it at the new house. Poor Jeremy is soooo ready to be up here with me. Thankfully that will finally happen tomorrow night! Yes, Wednesday night Jeremy will officially be living up in Lafayette with me. Yay!

It's November, which means the National Novel Writing Month challenge. And even though I'm completely exhausted from moving and still have a million things to do to get settled in, I'm attempting it. I've got just over 1400 words written of my new novel, The Last Heist. Only 48,600 to go...

I attempted to go to a pilates class today at lunch. But since I hadn't been to this gym before, I had a hard time finding it. Five minutes after the class was supposed to start, I gave up and drove home. When I called them for better directions, it turns out they were just one block east of where I had been looking for them.

Comcast sent a contractor out to our house to bury a cable today. He about lost his life. I specifically requested that they notify me when they were coming out, because 1) I've got dogs, and 2) I work from home. Well not only did this guy NOT call, he came to the house when I was in the freaking shower. I answered the door in my robe, trying to wrangle the dogs at the same time. When I told him he was supposed to call first, he looked at me blankly. He didn't speak English very well, apparently. Greeeeaatttt. To top that off, he disconnected the cable without telling me. I went out back to talk to him and he said it would be down for 20 minutes. I said "I work from home. You really should have told me before you did that." Anyway, by the end of the afternoon you could probably see steam coming out of my ears.

I finally made it to a pilates class in Boulder this evening. I've never seen so many people in a pilates class! Or any class, for that matter. Luckily the room was huge and it wasn't too tight for all of us to fit in there -- but wow. That was a stark reminder of why I try to go to classes during my lunch hour instead of after work. Anyway, it was a fantastic class. It's been several weeks since I've been to a pilates class, but this girl's still got it. And it felt sooooo good to stretch these sore muscles. I've been moving boxes and furniture for two weeks now, and my muscles are so tight!