Saturday, October 31, 2009

About 30 people doing the Thriller dance in the middle of Pearl Street.

Friday, October 30, 2009

More Lafayette Pics

Snowy Waneka Lake and sunset from our front balcony.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Attempting to un-bury my truck.

Bad Things, Good Husband

One bad thing after another. First not being able to get our move done in one load. Second, our Jeep dying. Last night when I was checking one of our bank accounts online, I realized someone stole my debit card and ran up a charge at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Luckily our bank rocks, they canceled my card and they will refund the money. Now, today, there is 2 feet of snow and it keeps coming down. I was supposed to drive down to the Springs tonight because I have an appointment tomorrow evening. SO not going to happen.

But I'm not going to complain. Why? Because this many bad things happening all at once can only mean one thing. BIG GOOD THINGS are to come. Maybe I'll win the lottery. :)

And it's hard to complain about things like that when you've got a husband who drives an hour and a half in a snowstorm to bring you flowers, a movie and a microwave. Oh yes, Jeremy rocks. Once we set up the microwave in the kitchen, we made some popcorn and curled up on the couch to watch Land of the Lost (which sucked, btw). Then he helped me move some of the heavier furniture into place in the living room (I finally got enough boxes cleared out that there was room to do that!). This morning he got up and shoveled the driveway, then did some unpacking downstairs before heading back to the Springs. If he's not a keeper, I don't know who is.

"Mama, why won't you let me out in that white stuff?"

Snow on our bistro table with my hand for scale.

It just keeps piling up!

A World of White

Monday, October 26, 2009

Adventures and Mishaps

The chaos continues.

Before I launch into the boring details of our move this weekend, let me tell you about my day. I woke up this morning alone in our new house, and as I reached over to turn off my alarm, I heard the faint sounds of drums. I wondered if one of our new neighbors had a band, and I was immediately irritated at the thought of a garage band practicing at 7:30am. I threw on my robe and opened up the doors to the front balcony -- and that's when I realized what the sound was. It was a school marching band! It wasn't loud at all -- just loud enough I could barely make it out -- but for some reason the noise made me smile. It was comforting in some strange way.

I booted up my work computer and dug around in some boxes in the kitchen, looking for my coffee pot. I quickly realized that the box it was in was back in the Springs. Being the coffee junkie I am, I about cried. I made it to 11am before I just couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed the paperwork for our property manager and went out to the Jeep to drive over and drop it off. The damn Jeep wouldn't start. Luckily I hadn't parked it behind my truck, so I just jumped in the truck to run my errands. I drove over to downtown Louisville and dropped off the paperwork, picked up some coffee at Vick's on Main Street, then headed back to the house. Halfway there, I realized I'd forgotten to pick up some more paperwork from the property manager. So back I went.

Della and Mike live about a quarter mile from our new house, so I called Della when I got home and asked her if she had jumper cables. Being that she's one of the coolest chicks on the planet, she said she did and she would be over after Sophie took her nap. They showed up at 5:30 and we tried to jump the Jeep using my truck. The Jeep still wouldn't start, although it was making noises like it was trying. So Della drove me over to AutoZone and I bought a new battery. Then she spent an hour in the dark putting it in my Jeep. Have I mentioned that she's a cool chick? So after the new battery was in, the Jeep started up... but the dome light would not turn off. At this point, my neighbor had come over to help and Della had to take Sophie home. So my neighbor and I were messing around with the Jeep trying to figure out how to get the dome light to turn off. Then his son came over to help us too. The three of us tried EVERYTHING, and I was getting desperate because I didn't want my new battery to die with that dome light staying on. The neighbor's son had an idea and disappeared behind the Jeep... and shut the tailgate. Yeah, the freaking tailgate was slightly ajar! And I guarantee that's what drained the old battery.

To end a stressful day, I unpacked the kitchen. One room down, a house-full to go.

Now about our move... Jeremy took the day off on Friday and went up to Lafayette to wait for the cable guy at our new house. Per usual, getting our cable and Internet turned on was not a simple task. The technician had to rewire everything because there was satellite here before and the cables were jacked. Jeremy didn't get to leave Lafayette to drive back down to the Springs until late afternoon, so the poor guy hit rush hour traffic in Denver. That night I finished some last-minute preparation for our move.

Saturday morning I headed down to Jeremy's family's tire yard and helped Jeremy clean out his dad's box truck. Jeremy drove the truck up to our house in the Springs and we loaded it up with boxes and smaller things that we didn't need help to move. Then Jeremy drove the box truck and I drove my pickup up to Lafayette, where we spent the rest of the day unloading boxes. We made it home around 9pm, absolutely exhausted.

Sunday we did it all again. Matt came over early in the morning and he and Jeremy loaded the furniture onto the box truck while I worked on packing some of the stuff that hadn't made it into boxes yet. We fit what we could in the truck, then headed up to Denver to stop at my parents' house and my brother's apartment for the rest of my belongings (remember, I've been staying with family since mid-July). My brothers followed us from there, and we all made it up to Lafayette in the late afternoon and spent the rest of the day and night unloading the truck. We've got one more small load to bring up from the Springs, then we'll be all moved in. How in the world do two people have so much crap??? I feel like I'm pretty good about not keeping things I don't use, but every time I move I wonder how in the world I ended up with so much stuff.

So last night, Sunday night, was my first night in the new house. Jeremy went back down to the Springs in the box truck last night. He has about two more weeks of work to do before he can move up here with me. I miss him already. This house feels very safe to me -- especially with Tyr and Cairo here. Two of the neighbors have already come over and introduced themselves, and they are so nice. I'm exploring the area, finding where the groceries and pharmacies are. But all this time I've been wishing Jeremy was doing all of this with me. I can't wait until he can be up here with me permanently.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


No, you're not dreaming. I really am posting twice in one day!

I am naming October 22, 2009 THE DAY FROM HELL.

To start with, I found out my friend's wife, who is my age, has breast cancer. She's going into surgery today, so my positive energy is all going in that direction.

Then, Jeremy and I found something fishy on one of our credit reports.

Then, Loki jumped the fence.

Then, Tyr's head wound (from a fight he got into with Loki on Sunday) was so severely infected, I had to take him to the vet. The vet shaved part of Tyr's head, cleaned out the wound, and also found he had an ear infection. About $125 later, I took him home with FIVE medications to administer THREE TIMES A DAY.

This dog is now a quarter bald:

Wine and a movie are on my list of must-haves for tonight. After I finish work, that is, because thanks to the little jaunt to the vet, I've got to work late to catch up.

Moving to Lafayette

It's been ten days since my last post. A lot can happen in ten days, apparently.

Jeremy and I have made it through the storm. Things aren't perfect, of course, but they're a hell of a lot better than they were. We're committed to working through the issues that are left. This week we saw each other's families for the first time since The Explosion. It was awkward for both of us, but neither of our families gave us a hard time.

So, that said, here's the big news: we're moving. We leased a house in Lafayette, on the east side of Boulder. It's a perfect size for us, with a big backyard and a garden (yeah, that means I'm going to have to learn how to garden), and the location couldn't be better. It's one block from Waneka Lake and there are walking trails and open spaces all through the area. It's near shopping and restaurants, and it's a quick drive to Flatirons Mall and all the shops in that area. But best of all, it's right down the road from Boulder. All the benefits of living in Boulder, and none of the price. We couldn't be happier!

When I married Jeremy, I resigned myself to the fact that he was rooted to Colorado Springs. I thought he'd never want to leave. But after everything we went through in our marriage and losing his job, he's as ready for a fresh start as I am -- and we are both absolutely in love with Boulder. There are more job postings up north than there are in the Springs, so we have high hopes that he will find a job up there quickly. But in the meantime, it will be nice having him home to help me take care of things during the day.

So this is my last week here. I will be living in Lafayette starting this weekend. Jeremy will follow me up about two weeks later (he's got some work to do for his dad before we can complete the move). Once we are both settled up there, our plan is to focus on each other, the way we should have from the start.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Relationship Progress and Open Studios

Holy crap. It's been almost a week since I wrote? What's wrong with me? You guys must have thought I stopped threatening to do it and actually DID run off to Fiji.

Last week was a stark reminder of how crazy the weather in Colorado can be. Wednesday I was wearing flipflops, and Thursday I headed down to the Springs amidst snow and rain. I stayed down in the Springs Thursday and Friday night.

Thursday night Jeremy and I went over to Emily's house and I finally got to meet our new twin nephews. They are so precious! Anthony had the hiccups and it was about the cutest thing I ever heard -- he sounded like a squeaky toy. LOL

So I think Jeremy and I are finally over the last of the big hurdles. We learned a lot in marriage counseling -- not just about how to handle our bad situation, but about each other. We learned that his personality type is "The Challenger", while mine is a 50/50 split (no joke -- came out that way in EVERY test) of "The Perfectionist" and "The Giver". So we're at the point where we have to implement what we've learned. And really, the last hurdle was all mine. I was having a really hard time with my "perfectionist" side. I was finally able to let go just enough to wrap my head around the fact that nothing and no one is perfect, and sometimes understanding and patience are more important than seeking perfection.

With that said, Jeremy and I have been looking for rentals in Boulder. We spent this weekend up there to look at houses, and also to do the Open Studios tour. Open Studios happens two weekends every fall, and it is a singular experience. About 130 artists opened their doors to us looky-loos, and we get to see where they work, talk to them and ask questions, and see some of their art. We saw every medium you can think of, and I learned so much about different techniques. I wanted to run home and paint! (And I admit it, I loooove looking at other people's houses. I blame my parents for that -- we did a LOT of house-hunting when I was a kid, so now I'm obsessed with seeing how other people live. LOL.) I also got to experience firsthand the wonderful art community of Boulder. The artists there are so warm and friendly. I can't wait to get involved!

Monday, October 05, 2009

From High Art to Another Low Point

Friday Jeremy and I went to the First Friday Art Walk in Old Colorado City. The air was brisk, but not too cold, and orange and yellow leaves dotted the sidewalk in front of the art galleries. We saw some fantastic photography, paintings and sculpture -- including some sculptured silk pieces from Marilyn Kirkman that blew me away. We also stopped in at All That Glitters and admired the fantastic original jewelry.

Saturday Jeremy was once again in the mood to walk around and window shop, so we went to Manitou Springs. After we walked the circuit there, we took a drive up into the mountains. Most of the leaves have done their changing and the aspens were getting bare, but it was still a pretty drive. We spent the evening watching episodes of Castle on DVD. It was nice to just hang out without any drama.

Of course then there was Sunday. Maybe it was the full moon, but the day just started out bad. My back was killing me (not sure if it was the mattress or a pinched nerve) and I woke up feeling very unsure of everything. I tried to shake it off and headed to Starbucks to get us some coffee. To start out that nightmare , three out of the four entrances into/out of the neighborhood were blocked off by construction. Then when I finally made it to Starbucks, the barista was pushy about getting me to do this stupid taste test thing that I was so not in the mood for, then the guy making my coffee sloshed it all over the counter and walked away. When I asked for a paper towel, he half-assed the cleanup. When I was driving down Hollow Road, a car that was parked on the side pulled out in front of me and I nearly hit it. So by the time I got back to the house I was having a meltdown. I talked to Jeremy about how I was feeling, and he was understanding... at first. After about an hour, though, everything we had recently learned about how to communicate effectively went out the window. It's amazing how heightened emotions can get the better of your rational mind. I could have reigned everything in at any point -- but dammit, that's what I always do. This time I refused to be the "designated driver" and I just let everything fly. Well, everything flew alright.

Jeremy has told me (as have other people) that I can't get mad about always being the responsible one when I CHOOSE to be responsible. Frankly when someone says that to me I want to scream "Yeah, well only a lazy person could say that!" Because people like me are what keep this damn world turning. People like me, who see that something is not being taken care of and TAKE CARE OF IT, might be stressed-out responsibility-Nazis, but we get sh*t done. So I'm pretty sick of being told I don't have to be responsible for everything -- because someone has to be. That is my rant for today. Hope you enjoyed it.

So I'm back in Lone Tree today, trying to recover.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


I splurged last night on a pair of Lucky jeans. I've always wanted a pair, there's a Lucky shop right here at Park Meadows Mall, and I'm sick of wearing the same clothes over and over. I didn't take many clothes with me when I came to Lone Tree -- and the same minimal wardrobe for months really wears thin. Anyway, these jeans live up to their reputation. They fit like a glove and I actually look like I have a butt! This may just be that mythical pair of "perfect" jeans. They are well-made, so I'm hoping they last forever. Would it be wrong to get 5 more pairs of them, just in case?

National Novel Writing Month is fast upon us. I'm still planning on doing the competition this year, even though I may be in the midst of a move. Writing a novel in a month is a challenge no matter how you slice it -- one additional hurdle is not going to stop me from trying. Now I've just got to come up with a brilliant plot idea.